19+ Best AI Writing Tools for All Your Content Needs in 2024

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It’s 2023, and the once formidable foe – writer’s block and content production – has finally met its match. 

AI writers. 

You may have jumped on the trend of ChatGPT –  and while it’s a fantastic tool, many others have been created using the same GPT technology that has a solution for all writing needs. 

I’ll save you the stress. 

Below, I’ve done a breakdown of the 19+ best AI writing tools for specific categories, including: 

  • General Writing and Editing 
  • Content Refinement 
  • SEO and Content Optimisation 
  • Social Media and Content Marketing 
  • Email Marketing and Outreach 
  • Fiction and Storytelling

What are the Best AI Writing Software Tools?

SoftwarePricing (starts from)Free Trial or Plan?AI Writing TemplatesSEO Multiple TonesPlagiarism CheckerGrammar Check
Jasper AI $39/month
Wordtune $9.99/month
Quillbot $4.17/month
Surfer SEO $49/month
Content at Scale$500/month

General Writing and Editing

1. Jasper 

Jasper is an advanced AI writing tool that uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate high-quality content for personal and business purposes.

Jasper is your guy if you want a tool that can do all your content marketing needs in a fraction of the time you’d normally spend. This AI writing assistant can do your creative writing, marketing copy, long-form content blog post, and even social media posts.

Source: beta.jasper-ai

Jasper can also generate content ideas and outlines. With over 50 quality use cases, Jasper is just what you need for a wide range of content types, making it one of the best AI writing tools for general writing and editing. 

Best Features: 

  • 50+ templates and recipes: Jasper has 50+ ready-made templates you can leverage to supercharge your workflow.
  • 25+ supported languages: Jasper can produce AI-generated content in other languages besides English.
  • Jasper Chat: This is a ChatGPT-like AI content-generation chatbot that uses conversational AI
  • Intuitive user interface: It’s clean and easy to use, even for first-timers.
  • Essential integrations: Jasper integrates with popular tools like Surfer for search engine optimization and Grammarly for fixing errors.
  • Multiple tones: Blog and content tones from Jasper help to tailor your content exactly how you want it.

Who it’s for: 

Jasper is best for anyone who needs a writing sidekick for a wide range of topics. Digital marketers will also find the AI software useful, especially since it has multiple templates.


Jasper AI’s new pricing system sees a renaming and a slight price change. The smallest plan is the Creator, billed at $39/month for a single user. For teams of two to ten, they have the Teams package at $99/month, and bigger organizations can contact the sales team for custom pricing. 

Source: jasper.ai/pricing

💬 The bottom line

Jasper is the ultimate writing sidekick. This versatile AI writing tool empowers users to create a wide range of high-quality content effortlessly, thanks to an extensive template library, multilingual capabilities, and an intuitive interface. Jasper is a must-have tool for writers and digital marketers.

You can find an in-depth Jasper AI review here to check how it compares to your writers.

2. Writesonic

Writesonic is another powerful AI content generation platform that can deliver a wide range of writing and copywriting needs. It uses a generative AI algorithm trained through exposure to massive datasets.

This AI tool can generate engaging marketing content for all business needs, from copies for Google Ads to blog posts for your digital marketing website. All you need to do is select a template, input the required parameters, and you can generate emails, product descriptions, and social media posts in just a few clicks.

Source: app.writesonic.com/library/

With over a hundred content writing templates, Writesonic has proven itself as one of the best AI writing assistants for almost any content type.

Best Features: 

  • Chatsonic: This powerful conversational chatbot works like ChatGPT but supplies up-to-date data.
  • Blog post writer: The blog writing function lets you write over 1500 words.
  • Paraphrasing/expander/summarizer: This set of tools helps you rewrite content to either contain more words or shorten them.
  • Digital marketing tools: Writesonic has a series of features for creating content for digital marketing, like Facebook ads, Google ads, and landing page tools.
  • Free tools: Writesonic lets you use some of its tools completely free. They include the CTA, product name, and AI image generators

Who it’s for: 

Writesonic is best for bloggers who want to create long-form blog articles. It is also perfect for businesses that need to generate content quickly and streamline their process.


Writesonic has a free plan to generate up to 10,000 words at no cost. The main pricing gives you 60,000 to four million words starting from $12.67/month when paid yearly, a 33% savings on the monthly price. 

Source: writesonic.com/pricing

💬 The bottom line

Writesonic is a powerful AI content generator that streamlines the content creation process. This AI tool is a solid choice for bloggers and businesses looking to generate engaging content quickly. It has diverse templates and tools, including a chatbot and digital marketing features.

3. Rytr

Rytr is one of the most affordable AI content writing tools designed to help you create quality content. This AI writing app is quite versatile and can create content in various forms.

If you need a blog outline and post, website copy, social media caption and post, product description, story plots, or any other content format, Rytr can do a great job. The best part of this AI writing assistant is its beginner-friendliness.

To use Rytr, you need to select the language, tone, use case, number of variants, and creativity level. Depending on the use case, you may have to enter additional information about the content you want to generate.

The user-friendly interface may lead you to think there’s not much on offer, but exploring this AI writing software will reveal some powerful features that make it suitable for serious content writing as well as basic edits to existing content.

Best Features: 

  • 20+ use cases: Rytr’s use cases let you create anything you want with extra tweaks to make it unique.
  • 30+ languages: The over 30 languages from Rytr help to write content in several languages for different audience groups.
  • 18+ tones: Rytr has around 20 tones, from formal and casual to informative, to help you pass your message along correctly. 
  • Content refinement features: You can get more content using refinement tools like Shorten, Expand, and Rephrase.
  • Plagiarism checker: The built-in plagiarism checker helps to ensure your content is original.
  • Search engine optimization: While this feature cannot give you complete SEO solutions like the best SEO tools, it can offer some keyword suggestions and analyze the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Who it’s for: 

Rytr is best for those on a budget who want powerful features for diverse topics. While it doesn’t have as many features as other sophisticated AI copywriting tools, it still does an excellent job.


Rytr gives you 10,000 free characters every month. As for the paid pricing, there’s the Saver plan at only $9 for 100,000 characters per month and the Unlimited plan at $29 for unlimited words. 

💬 The bottom line

Rytr is a versatile and affordable AI writer designed to help users create quality content. With its user-friendly interface and a wide range of use cases, languages, tones, and content refinement features, Rytr is an excellent choice for those on a budget in need of powerful writing assistance.

You can find an extensive Rytr review here and see how well it writes as I put it to the test.

Content Refinement

4. Grammarly

After writing, you want to ensure you’ve not made grammar mistakes or missed spelling errors; that’s what Grammarly helps to achieve, but it offers even more than that. 

Using natural language understanding (NLP), this AI writing software improves your writing by analyzing the entire content and checking each sentence and word to give you improvement suggestions based on context. 

Whether it’s incorrect spelling, missed punctuation, grammar error, or writing inconsistencies, Grammarly can detect everything and suggest the correct versions. 

Grammarly can also check and fix issues with clarity, engagement, readability, and tone. That’s in addition to extra tools for paraphrasing and generating citations.

Best Features: 

  • GrammarlyGO: This is Grammarly’s answer to ChatGPT, and it’s a generative AI that helps you create and rewrite content.
  • Plagiarism checker: This helps ensure your content is original and error-free.
  • Multiple access points: Grammarly has a web-based editor, desktop app, phone keyboard, and browser extensions to make the AI writing tool available on multiple platforms and devices.
  • Grammarly Snippets: If there is content you find yourself rewriting time after time, Snippets lets you save time by using a few characters to achieve them.
  • Business tools: Grammarly Business users can access collaborative tools that help them check and fix style guides and brand tone.

Who it’s for: 

Grammarly is best for writers, marketers, students, and anyone who wants to ensure top-notch content while improving their writing skills. The AI editing tool is also an excellent starting point for editors and proofreaders who do not want to miss anything.


With Grammarly’s free plan, you can do grammar checks, albeit with only basic suggestions. To get the advanced features, you’ll have to commit to the Premium pricing of $12/month or get business and collaboration tools with the Business package for an additional $3/month.

💬 The bottom line

Grammarly is the go-to software for error-free content. With powerful grammar and spelling checks, contextual improvement suggestions, plagiarism detection, and convenient access across platforms, Grammarly is a must-have for writers, marketers, students, and anyone striving for top-notch writing.

You can find my in-depth Grammarly review here to learn how it can help you refine all your content.

5. Wordtune

Wordtune is an AI writing software that helps you achieve quick, easy, and high-quality content through AI-powered rewrites, shortenings, and expansions.

This tool isn’t a run-of-the-mill rewriting tool that replaces words with their synonyms. Its advanced algorithm has been trained to understand semantics, which helps the tool deliver quality content.

Wordtune doesn’t just improve your writing; it also gives you multiple options to help retain control. For example, the rewrite features give you options to choose from, and you can also get the synonyms of specific words you’d like to replace.

Wordtune’s powerful AI technology understands the context of your content, which helps the AI writing software offer excellent rewrites and edits. 

Best Features: 

  • Tones: Wordtune lets you adjust tones between casual and formal.
  • Wordtune Spices: This is like an answer to ChatGPT, but instead of typing ChatGPT prompts, you can just use the commands to work quickly. 
  • Grammar corrections: When you use Wordtune, it has a side panel where you can correct spelling and grammar errors.
  • Text and video summarizers: Wordtune Read is a feature that helps you summarize videos and texts from blogs, papers, reports, etc.
  • Non-English rewrites: Rewrite texts even when they’re not in English.
  • Wordtune editor: The editor comes with standard editor features to help you properly format your content. 
  • Wordtune extensions and add-ons: Wordtune is available for all your popular writing programs like Google Docs and Word through browser extensions and add-ons. 

Who it’s for: 

Wordtune is best for writers who need occasional rewrites, text expansion, and paraphrasing. It’s a valuable tool to have in your writing arsenal to ward off interruptions from Mr. Writing Block.


Wordtune’s free package doesn’t offer more than a simple functionality test with only 10 rewrites per day. But the pricing is also one of the most affordable, with a Premium plan at just $9.99/month. You can also get custom billing for teams.

💬 The bottom line

If what you want is quick and quality content enhancements, Wordtune is the AI tool. That’s because of its advanced rewriting capabilities, versatile tone adjustments, grammar corrections, and convenient integrations. Wordtune is valuable for writers seeking efficient rewrites and overcoming writer’s block.

You can find my comprehensive Wordtune review here and see why it’s a writer’s best friend.

6. Quillbot

The best AI writing tools offer multiple valuable features that writers need, and that’s what you get from QuillBot. This AI writing assistant provides a host of assistive tools to make your content top-notch.

From the paraphraser and co-writer to summarizing tool, among others, this AI software presents an easy way to get more writing done in less time. You can even use Quillbot for grammar checking, note-taking, and research purposes.

It’s no surprise that Quillbot is utilized in over 150 countries by more than 35 million users. This is one of the best AI writing tools to improve your content because it combines a number of nifty tools you may need on a single interface.

Best Features: 

  • Co-writer: Quillbot’s AI writer doesn’t just generate texts but also uses an editor that makes it easy to control and use other features.
  • Paraphrasing: The paraphrasing tool lets you rewrite texts using a mode of your choice.
  • Grammar check: Get your content free of errors so they look and sound professional.
  • Plagiarism check: Check your text against unlimited online sources to ensure originality.
  • Summaries: Summarize texts with features that keep you in control of the output.
  • Free translation: QuillBot allows you to translate up to 5000 characters at a time from and to 30 different languages for free.
  • Free citation generator: Quillbot’s free citation generator will help you figure out how to give credit to your sources, whether it’s a webpage, book, journal, or more.
  • Extensions and add-ins: Use Quillbot wherever you work with the Google Chrome extension and Microsoft Word add-ins.

Who it’s for: 

Quillbot is best for marketers and students who want to quickly refine their texts to meet a particular taste. It helps that this tool is easy to use, and all options to refine content are easily accessible.


There’s only one plan from Quillbot alongside the free version, making the pricing system convenient to work with. The monthly fee is $9.95, but you can save 33% when you pay for six months and 58% when billed annually to take the monthly fee to just $4.17/month.

💬 The bottom line

Quillbot is a multi-feature AI assistant for writing and rewriting top-notch content. The tools on offer help you do co-writing, paraphrasing, grammar checking, and more. Quillbot also streamlines your writing workflow and helps you create polished content. No wonder it’s the go-to tool for marketers and students seeking quick and accessible content refinement.

SEO and Content Optimization 

7. Surfer SEO

If the content you create is supposed to be online, it needs to be optimized for search engines. Surfer SEO is an on-page optimization tool that gives you everything you need to rank your articles high on search engines.

This powerful AI writing tool works by analyzing the top search pages for any keyword and presenting the information in ways that make it easy to leverage. Ultimately, this will eliminate guesswork and help you create optimized content much faster.

For instance, you can input a keyword into the content editor to receive the specific keywords, headings, questions, the number of words, etc., you need to beat the top competitors. It also updates your content in real-time to help you track your progress.

While Surfer does not generate content like other tools, it combines several features that help you track your best-performing competitors and optimize your content better than theirs.

Best Features: 

  • Content editing: This is one of Surfer’s most powerful features, and what it does is give you the data to rank high as well as help you track your progress.
  • Grow flow: Grow flow is an excellent Screaming Frog alternative, checking your web pages and suggesting how to improve them.
  • SEO auditing: The SEO audit tool monitors your pages for missing elements or aspects you should work on.
  • Surfer AI: This new addition allows you to research, write and optimize with the click of a button.
  • Content planning: This tool helps your blog develop a strategy with the necessary keywords to target.
  • SERP analysis: This is a SERP tracker to update you about your position in the top search results pages.
  • Free tools: Tools like the outline generator and the keyword surfer are available for free.
  • Multiple languages: With data on 70 countries and availability in multiple languages, Surfer SEO makes it easy to rank high worldwide.

Who it’s for: 

Surfer is best for digital marketers, bloggers, and website owners who want to improve their website ranking on search engine result pages and attract more traffic to their websites.


You can choose to pay monthly or annually. Like many tools, you have pretty significant savings by paying annually. The plans go for:

  • Lite: $29/mo or $19/mo paid annually.
  • Essential: $89/mo or $69/mo paid annually.
  • Advanced: $179/mo or $149/mo paid annually.
  • Max: $299/mo or $249/mo paid annually.

I’d recommend the Lite plan if you want to test the tool but highly recommend the Essential plan at a minimum if you are serious about wanting to rank and generate traffic with your articles.

In addition, if you wanted access to the new Surfer AI that writes and optimizes an entire article for you with the click of a button, you’re looking at a Surfer plan + additional SurferAI credits at $29 per article or save with bulk credit packages.

💬 The bottom line

Surfer SEO is the ultimate AI SEO tool for higher search engine rankings. It can analyze top search pages, supply data-driven insights to optimize your content, and track your performance. With numerous features for editing, auditing, and analysis, Surfer helps digital marketers and bloggers enhance their website visibility and generate more traffic.

You can find my comprehensive Surfer SEO review here to see how it can help you rank higher.

8. Content at Scale

Content at Scale is an automated article-writing software that can create articles in just a few seconds. This AI article writer uses deep learning and natural language processing to understand requests and produce outstanding results.

What you need to do is supply the keyword or topic, description, and number of words. The article forge tool will create a long-form post that’s not only in-depth but also engaging. You can review the content to add, remove, or adjust any part however you like.

The best part is the written content from Content at Scale is optimized for search engines. This AI software also gives you unique suggestions to help you gain higher SEO scores and rank high on search engines. Content at Scale makes your job much easier and saves you the stress of analyzing competitors and SERPs. 

Best Features: 

  • More ways to create content: You can write articles from a keyword, existing URL, podcast, and YouTube videos.
  • Long-form posts: Unlike many AI writing tools, Content at Scale can generate long-form articles at once.
  • AI Detection evasion: This AI writing software has a feature for detecting AI-generated content, and that helps it to produce posts that can easily evade detection.
  • Multiple languages: The tool can write content in several languages.
  • Plagiarism check: Thanks to the integration with Copyscape, you can check the generated content for plagiarism.
  • WordPress integration: This lets you sync content automatically with WordPress to incorporate internal links.

Who it’s for: 

Content at Scale is best for agencies and startups that intend to produce tens of monthly articles without the time required to analyze multiple ranking elements. It simply collects your keyword, does all the research, and produces the content.


Content at Scale has three plans —Starter at $500/month, Scaling at $1000/month, and Agency at $1500/month. The first plan gives you 20 posts, you get 50 with the second, and the third hands you 100 monthly posts.

💬 The bottom line

Content at Scale helps to generate high-quality articles in seconds with automated AI writing technology. With a keyword or topic, Content at Scale can create engaging, optimized content with features like detection evasion, multiple language support, and WordPress integration.

9. Scalenut

Scalenut is an AI-powered writing assistant for search engine optimization. Using the GPT-3 generative AI model, this AI writing tool can create various content types, including emails and articles.

This AI writing software can supercharge your SEO strategy with up-to-date information, giving you all you need to plan, research, create, and optimize content.

With the multi-keyword content planner, blog post ideas, competitor analysis, and other tools for optimization, Scalenut can help you make significant progress toward your ranking goals.

Best Features: 

  • 40+ templates: You can leverage over 40 templates to create a wide range of content, from product descriptions and social media posts to marketing copy.
  • Scalenut Cruise Mode: A powerful tool that produces entire long-form posts from simple instructions in minutes.
  • Content planner: This feature leverages the keyword research tool to plan your content in a few clicks.
  • Live SEO score: Not only do you get actionable insights, but also an SEO score to help you track your progress.
  • Keyword planner: Unlock unlimited keywords alongside metrics like search volume, CPC, and relevance, in seconds.
  • Natural language processing: Use NLP to detect and optimize related keywords and terms.

Who it’s for: 

Scalenut AI is best for blog owners and digital marketers who want to scale up their websites quickly while competing for top keyword ranks. 


Scalenut’s pricing attracts a 40% discount when billed annually. That takes the Essential plan to $23/month, the Growth plan to $47/month, and the Pro plan to $89/month.

💬 The bottom line

Scalenut is an AI-powered content creation tool for enhancing the SEO strategy for bloggers and digital marketers. With 40+ templates, a content planner, live SEO scoring, and more, Scalenut helps to scale up your online presence by optimizing websites.

10. Frase

Frase is a powerful AI tool that combines unlimited content generation and SEO — think of a mashup between Jasper AI and Surfer SEO. 

This is one of the best AI writing tools, especially for businesses and content creators, because it can present unique content opportunities, help you draw up the outline, and provide assistance while you write.

Using machine learning and NLP, Frase can identify traffic generation opportunities for your website through the Google Search Console by conducting content gap analysis, discovering relevant keywords, and using content scores.

Best Features: 

  • AI writing: Eliminate writing blocks with the AI writing function that generates, rewrites, paraphrases, and completes sentences or paragraphs. 
  • AI and custom templates: You can use the available AI template or save your custom templates with Frase.
  • Full-feature content editor: This lets you format your content properly while accessing other features. 
  • Outline builder: Leverage essential data from Google and top competitors to build the best briefs and outlines for your blog posts.
  • Content scores: Get real-time content scores to help writers know their progress and what comes next.
  • Multilingual capabilities: You can use Frase in languages other than English, such as German, Spanish, French, and Dutch.
  • Team collaboration: Frase lets you share documents and organize them in folders for the team and clients to access easily.

Who it’s for: 

Frase is best for content strategists and managers who need to plan content for their agencies and businesses. Writers can benefit from AI writing, and anyone interested in SEO isn’t left out.


Frase has three paid pricing packages — Solo, Basic, and Team. Solo is $14.99/month but is available for $12.66 when you pay for a year. A similar discount applies to the two other plans, with Basic and Team going as low as $38.25 and $114.99, respectively.

💬 The bottom line

Frase is a powerful AI tool that combines content generation and search engine optimization. Ideal for content strategists and managers looking to streamline their content planning and SEO efforts, it helps by providing unique opportunities, outlining assistance, and content optimization.

11. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is one of the most robust AI copywriting tools for generating copies for a wide range of uses. Thanks to its powerful artificial intelligence technology, it can produce engaging blog content, emails, sales copies, and social media posts. 

To generate copies, choose a template and describe the content you want. Select one of the results produced and edit it to meet your taste if necessary. 

You may also use Chat by Copy.ai. This ChatGPT-like feature uses conversational prompts to generate content, but it also gives you more. Unlike content creation with ChatGPT, it has access to real-time information, offers an in-line editor, and provides several ready-made prompts. 

Best Features: 

  • 90+ templates and tools: Copy.ai is packed with essential tools that cater to sales, marketing, human resources, real estate, and personal tasks.
  • 25+ languages: With Copy.ai, you can generate content in more than 25 languages.
  • Free tools: There are several free tools on offer, including those for emails, content generators, social media captions, sentences and paragraphs, product descriptions, meta descriptions, ideas, outlines, etc.

Who it’s for: 

Copy.ai is best for writing a wide range of persuasive copies for almost any purpose you can think of. It enables effective selling through your website, emails, and direct marketing channels.


Copy.ai’s is another straightforward pricing — a limited free plan, an unlimited Pro plan at $36/month, and some extras at a custom price.

💬 The bottom line

Copy.ai is an AI-powered copywriting software for engaging blog content, emails, sales copies, and social media posts. It lets you choose from 90+ templates, generate content in 25+ languages, and access free tools for various purposes. It is perfect for creating persuasive copies for all your marketing needs.

12. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is an AI copywriting tool that allows businesses to create content to help them make more sales, such as engaging marketing copy or optimized blog posts.

While many AI writing tools use popular generative AI models like GPT-3, the creators of ClosersCopy have built multiple proprietary AI models to focus the tool on marketing copies and streamline the AI-generated content for users.

Founded in 2020, this AI writing assistant has numerous templates for digital marketing content and pages, such as emails, blogs, landing pages, sales pages, etc.

Best Features: 

  • Multi-language support: ClosersCopy is available in over 100 languages, making it suitable for your worldwide audience.
  • SEO audit: This feature lets you compare your posts to top performers and gives suggestions to improve yours.
  • SEO planner: Get your copies and posts optimized for search engines in a few clicks.
  • Long-form editor: This AI software offers support for long-form content creation. 
  • Multiple frameworks: ClosersCopy boasts over 700 frameworks, signifying the tool’s ability to create numerous content types.
  • Workflows: Set up workflows to automate repetitive tasks and create content faster.
  • Insights: Find out what works and what to improve with ClosersCopy insights.

Who it’s for: 

ClosersCopy is best for digital marketers who want to create optimized content so they can generate more traffic.


You can use ClosersCopy’s services with pricing plans starting at $49.99/month, but that comes down to $34.99/month or $419.90/year when billed annually. The other packages are $79.99/month and $99.99/month.

💬 The bottom line

For sales-boosting content, look no further than ClosersCopy. This AI tool can create engaging copies in multiple languages, optimize for SEO, and streamline workflows, helping digital marketers gain valuable insights for driving traffic and improved conversions.

13. CopyBlocks

Writing copies that sell is usually challenging, but thanks to CopyBlocks, an AI-based copywriting software, you can craft several engaging marketing content for any product or service in minutes.

CopyBlocks gives you complete access to numerous copywriting techniques like PAS and A-I-D-A to help you create high-quality copies in a few seconds.

Whether you’re looking to describe products or want to write ads, blogs, and website content, in CopyBlocks, you have software that lets you do it all without writing skills. You only need to enter the product details, select a tone, and copy type. The AI writing software will analyze your input and come up with a unique ad copy for your business or product.

Best Features: 

  • 50+ copywriting techniques: CopyBlocks utilizes more than 50 copywriting techniques for crafting all copies.
  • Multiple tones: You can select a tone to help your copy appeal to your clients and boost your sales.
  • Easy to use: In three easy steps, you can get exactly what you want from CopyBlocks. 

Who it’s for: 

CopyBlocks is best for individuals and agencies that want to write quick, high-quality product copies.


When you subscribe to CopyBlocks’ basic pricing plan at $27/month, you get 40K credits that you can use on 10 projects. The alternatives are the $47/month Platinum plan which gives you 100K credits for unlimited projects, and the custom-priced Enterprise for unlimited credits.

💬 The bottom line

CopyBlocks helps to craft engaging copies effortlessly in minutes using over 50 copywriting techniques and multiple tones. It is perfect for businesses seeking effective marketing communication to boost sales.

Social Media and Content Marketing

14. Taplio

Taplio is an AI writing and social media management tool that helps you take full advantage of the opportunities from LinkedIn. Using the powerful GPT-4 AI model, Taplio can analyze LinkedIn accounts and identify posts that can generate traffic.

It’s even better because it doesn’t stop at suggesting ideas. Taplio can also generate hooks and posts that build your account to foster your relationship with other relevant profiles.

Social media content marketing is about building engagement and relationships, and Taplio makes it easy to achieve both. It helps to generate better content endlessly while posting them at the right time and monitoring the results.

For instance, Taplio’s AI can generate fresh ideas from its 4M+ viral posts and the latest industry news. As others engage with your posts, the AI software will extract each and advance your relationship with them.

Best Features: 

  • Post scheduling: Taplio’s LinkedIn scheduling helps to schedule posts to keep your audience engaged even when you’re not around.
  • Contact Lists: Just like a list-building software, group contacts based on your interactions to enhance your relationship management. 
  • Team and personal analytics: Taplio shows you how your team performs as well as the detail of your posts, identifying the effective ones you may want to reproduce.
  • Browser extension: Taplio’s Chrome extension helps you integrate the AI software into your online process for unique Taplio solutions. 
  • Free tools: Taplio lets use a host of useful tools for free, including those for analytics, post-generation, and downloads.
  • Integration capabilities: Integrate with CRM and outreach tools like Zapier to help you get more from Taplio.

Who it’s for: 

Taplio is best for freelancers, content creators, and businesses that want to make the most of their social media branding. 


For only $39/month, you can enjoy Taplio’s social media marketing through the Starter plan. The other packages in the pricing are the $55/month Standard and $71/month Pro.

💬 The bottom line

Taplio was built to help you maximize the potential of your LinkedIn account through artificial intelligence. It can schedule posts, manage contacts, and analyze performance, making it ideal for freelancers, content creators, and businesses seeking social media success.

15. Lately

Lately is another social media management platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you reach a wider audience and benefit from engagement. 

Its advanced AI technology leverages data from social media databases. Hence, it can scale your social engagement by identifying what to post to drive engagement. Lately also studies your distinctive voice and retains what makes you unique.

If you have blog posts, webinars, and podcasts, you can rely on Lately to convert them into multiple engaging social media posts. This AI-powered software works with the biggest social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Best Features: 

  • Multiple sources: Lately can generate social media posts from long-form texts, podcasts, or videos.
  • Source relevant materials easily: Lately will also pull up the materials a post needs to succeed, including the image, copy, links, and clips.
  • Post calendar and scheduling: With the calendar view, you can easily manage your schedule for posts or view your post history and upcoming ones.
  • Multilingual support: Lately can generate content in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. 
  • Brand tone: Keep posts consistent and on-brand with Lately’s AI technology.
  • Analytics: To help you analyze performance and build on working strategies, Lately gives in-depth performance analysis for all your social media content.
  • Integration with other tools: If you already have tools like Hubspot, Hootsuite, and Sprinklr, Lately can integrate with them to give you more benefits.

Who it’s for: 

Lately AI is best for businesses and agencies to manage social media activities and create more content for them.


Individuals get access to Lately for $179/month. As for agencies and organizations, they’ll have to contact the sales team for pricing information. 

💬 The bottom line

Lately is an AI social media management tool that generates engaging posts from various sources. This tool helps to schedule posts and analyze performance while maintaining brand tone. That makes it perfect for businesses and agencies seeking effective social media strategies.

Email Marketing and Outreach

16. SmartWriter

SmartWriter is an AI-powered personalized email marketing and outreach software that assists with the creation of emails and messages. 

Its emails are designed to convert new customers for the business. To achieve that, SmartWriter generates personalized emails by scouring the internet for relevant data points to your customers and target audience.

Not only does this AI software present high-quality, relevant information on each prospect, but it also generates professional copies and emails to help businesses close sales faster.

Best Features: 

  • Complete personalization: Connect with each prospect by personalizing all messages based on their recent online activities.
  • Deeply-researched emails: The emails you get from SmartWriter are deeply researched by looking into multiple online sources, including articles, podcasts, interviews, and 40+ more sources.
  • Omni-channel content creation: Leverage Smartwriter’s AI technology to create content for blogs, newsletters, and multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Quora.
  • Lead generation: Find thousands of verified email addresses alongside personal and company data by scraping 500M+ profiles on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Post scheduling: This helps to schedule LinkedIn posts and personalized outreaches for when you’re offline.
  • Essential integrations: SmartWriter integrates with other email marketing tools, like Mailshake, Reply, Lemlist, Woodpecker, and Google Sheets.

Who it’s for: 

SmartWriter is best for digital marketers who are constantly writing cold emails and want to save time researching each prospect. While it’s not primarily built for prospecting, it can save you time switching between prospecting tools.


Smartwriter’s email marketing and outreach are available for $49/month, including a 20% discount on annual pricing. You can scale up with other plans at $124/month and $299/month.

💬 The bottom line

SmartWriter is the complete solution for getting personalized email marketing and outreach. It creates emails and content for multiple channels from researching your audience. It also does lead generation, post-scheduling, and offers essential integrations.

17. Luna

Luna is an AI writing software for lead generation and email outreach marketing. It works by sourcing high-quality leads for your business and coming up with the perfect personalized email to convert them.

This AI software boasts an incredible reply rate that is five times higher than the average from elsewhere. Thanks to a thorough process that requires you to answer some questions about your business and its target audience, Luna helps you to discover the most compatible leads.

The tool also has a massive 250M+ leads database that helps identify the best leads for any business. You start seeing lead suggestions after answering the first set of questions, and Luna continues to suggest better leads based on your feedback and interaction with others.

Best Features: 

  • Personalized copies: Luna’s advanced AI generates copies for any prospect based on their website and most recent activities online.
  • Leads from everywhere: You may upload your own leads or filter suggestions based on options like city, technology, or funding.
  • Multilingual: Luna lets you work with any language your prospects or audience understand.
  • Guaranteed security: Luna keeps all information safe with official approval from tech giants, Google and Microsoft.
  • App integrations: Luna integrates and syncs with many tools, such as Google, Microsoft, and powerful CRM tools like Hubspot, Zapier, and Pipedrive.
  • Mobile app: You can even prospect on the go with Luna’s mobile app for 

Who it’s for: 

Luna AI is best for B2B content marketing as well as sending the most personalized cold emails.


In addition to the free plan, Luna has five different pricing plans for different user needs. While the free version gives you between 25 and 250 emails monthly, some advanced functions are missing. However, starting at $100/month, you can use all its features and get even more emails every month.

💬 The bottom line

Luna helps businesses to do B2B lead generation by providing personalized cold emails. It has a vast leads database, works in multiple languages, and provides integrations with popular CRM tools.

Fiction and Storytelling

18. Sudowrite

Sudowrite is an AI writing tool software popular for helping fiction and non-fiction authors in their quest to produce amazing reads. This AI writing assistant can assist writers through every single process.

Whether you need help generating ideas, designing characters and plot points, or rewriting certain parts of your story, Sudowrite can offer loads of help and more. It’s even capable of suggesting alternative vocabularies based on the context of your content.

Using the GPT-3 transformer AI model, Sudowrite can help with all genres of writing, including romance, thriller, mystery, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and non-fiction. It has also been designed to generate each word individually to reduce the probability of getting the same result twice.

Best Features: 

  • Easy to use: You just have to describe what you want, and Sudowrite will generate the first 1000-word draft to get you going.
  • Write on: Continuing your story is no problem with the Write feature that generates multiple 300-word continuations in the same tone as yours.
  • AI canvas: The canvas tool helps you generate and lay out character, plot, and theme ideas nicely, and the visualize function uses art to represent your descriptions.
  • Re-present ideas: Not happy about any section? You can use the rewrite function to write in another way, use the expand option to stretch out sections or get synonyms for any word you highlight.
  • Actionable insights: Using the feedback function suggests areas you can improve.
  • Multiple dark modes: Sudowrite has six dark modes in different colors to ease the strain on your eyes as you write.

Who it’s for: 

Sudowrite is best for creative writers, including novelists, screenwriters, and short story writers. While it is excellent for any genre of fiction, from romance to thriller, it is also quite good for non-fiction.


You can choose from three simple pricing plans, depending on how many words you want to produce per month. The first plan, reserved for students and hobbyists, gives you 30,000 words for $10/month. There’s also the Professional plan at $20/month for 90,000 words and Max at $100/month for 300,000 words. All plans come with a 50% discount when you pay annually. 

💬 The bottom line

Sudowrite is an AI writing tool for fiction and non-fiction authors. It has an easy-to-use interface and multiple features for generating and rephrasing ideas. Ideal for creative writers in various genres, Sudowrite is an enjoyable writing app with multiple dark modes and helpful insights.

19. LivingWriter

LivingWriter is another AI book-writing software for fiction and non-fiction authors. It offers everything you need to generate ideas, start writing, design plots, organize the book, and export for publishing. 

Its array of features includes a standard word processor and secure cloud storage, amongst others, for easy planning and book plotting. The easy-to-use interface allows you to drag and drop elements, chapters, and subchapters.

Stories can be quite lengthy, with numerous elements to keep track of. LivingWriter’s Smart Text helps you store all elements and suggests them as you write, whether they’re names, locations, or more.

Best Features: 

  • Diverse templates: LivingWriter has almost any kind of book writing template you may want, including stories, memoirs, biographies, self-help books, and romantic novels.
  • Set goals: Plan ahead by setting story and chapter goals, such as word count and deadlines. 
  • Organization: Organize your story better and faster by jotting it down on the sidebar and arranging it with the board.
  • Dark mode: This helps you protect your eyes so you can write more.

Who it’s for: 

LivingWriter is best for authors, novelists, and writers of fiction, fantasy, horror stories, as well as non-fiction. 


Livingwriter has a single and straightforward pricing plan. The monthly subscription is $9.99/month, but only $8/month when you pay for a whole year. They also have a 14-day free trial so you can see what the AI writer can do.

💬 The bottom line

LivingWriter is AI book writing software for building fiction and non-fiction stories. With diverse templates alongside goal-setting and collaboration features, it is perfect for authors, novelists, and writers of various genres.


It’s all right to be skeptical about AI writing tools, even if it seems like everyone you know is already using ChatGPT

I was too.

However, since trying out many of them rigorously, I’ve come to discover the tools above are worth the hype as they’ve exceeded my expectations.

Now, can AI write like the next Hemingway?


Can you just let AI write your entire article?

Also no.

Like most AI marketing tools in the market, you need to guide the AI in the right direction at every step of the process. If you provide a clear direction for the writing, you will more likely get the desired output. 

It’s a skill that might have a slight learning curve at the start if you want to create high-quality content. 

But also one that’s well worth it, considering how much time you’ll end up saving.

The key is to always remember that you’re in charge. You decide what AI creates, and you’re in control of how it does it.

Good Luck!


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✔️ Organic growth from $22,000 to $115,550 in 3 months.
✔️ Ranking #1 with 0 links.
✔️ Growing sites to 50+ DR. 

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