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Hi, I'm Jessica and I build high authority links I turn blogs into revenue channels I write WOW content that ranks I focus on sustainable growth

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🚀 Exponentially grown my DR from 0-41 in just 4 months

📈 Ranked my content on page #1 of Google in < 2 months

📨 Increased my email conversions from 12.8% to 49.12% with 3 simple tactics 

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Hi, I'm Jessica

Content Marketing Consultant

👩‍💻 What I do​

I turn company blogs into revenue-generating channels through highly targeted and effective Content-Led SEO strategies.

🤝 Who I help

SaaS companies who care about their customer and user experience looking to grow and attract qualified organic traffic.

💡 What I believe

Your customers are all that matters. I start my strategies with your customers at the forefront and execute based off data. 

Your SaaS Content Taking Over the World in 4 Steps 📈

1️⃣ Data-driven content strategies that target an established customer segment. 

2️⃣  Content that is optimized to rank, convert and WOW your audience.

3️⃣ A link acquisition strategy that will have you ranking organically in months, not years.

4️⃣ Routine SEO audits to ensure your site isn’t hurting your bottom line.

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