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Hi, I'm Jessica and I help people monetize skills I turn blogs into revenue channels I write WOW content that ranks I grow businesses  I focus on sustainable growth

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There's a lot of info out there, but through my methods I've...

🚀 Exponentially grown my DR from 0-41 in just 4 months

📈 Ranked #1 on Google without hundreds of links

💡 Built a 6-figure consulting business leveraging LinkedIn in under a year

leveraging LinkedIn

...and so can you

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Hi, I'm Jessica

Content Marketing Consultant

👩‍💻 What I do​

I turn company blogs into revenue-generating channels through highly targeted and effective Content-Led SEO strategies.

🤝 Who I help

Companies who care about their customer and user experience looking to grow and attract qualified organic traffic.

💡 What I believe

Your customers are all that matters. I start my strategies with your customers at the forefront and execute based off data. 

Your Content Taking Over the World in 4 Steps 📈

1️⃣ Data-driven content strategies that target an established customer segment. 

2️⃣  Content that is optimized to rank, convert and WOW your audience.

3️⃣ A link acquisition strategy that will have you ranking organically in months, not years.

4️⃣ Routine SEO audits to get you up to speed and ensure your site isn’t hurting your bottom line.

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