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7+ Google Ranking Software to Outrank Your Competitors In 2022

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Competition for the limited space on the first page of Google searches is a regular part of the business for website owners.

That’s because ranking high on search engines is essential for visibility.

Recent reports by FirstPageSage revealed that the #1 result in Google’s organic search results has an average CTR of 39.6%.

customer data platform SERP study


Some days ago, I mentioned in my affordable SEO guide that 75% of internet searches end on the first page.

To put things more clearly – not ranking high on search results and having low website traffic is as good as not having a website at all.

Or essentially having all the money you spend on content go down the drain.

So, if you’re among the many businesses that want higher rankings and more traffic, having the right Google ranking software to help you is non-negotiable.

I’ll give you a rundown of the top Google ranking tools to survive as an online business.

Now, let’s dive right in.

What is the best Google Ranking Software?

Software Pricing (starts from) Keyword Research Back -linking Competitor Analysis Rank Tracking Technical SEO
Screaming Frog
Google Analytics

1. SEMRush (Best Overall)

Google ranking software - Semrush home page

If you’re looking for one of the most powerful Google ranking software then it has to be SEMRush.

This is a SEO tool that offers helpful and powerful features, with a heavy focus on keyword research.

The market research feature from SEMRush will have all your competitors’ strategies laid bare.

To do this, input your website in the main search bar, and SEMRush will display useful information under Domain Overview.

Google ranking software - semrush dashboard

Then, navigate to the Compare Domains tab to get a list of your top competitors. You can get the same information by going to the Competitors tab under Organic Research.

Google ranking software - semrush organic research page

More importantly, what can you do with this information? You can analyze their keywords.

Google ranking software - semrush organic research results

Or discover gaps with the Keyword Gap tool. It helps you find keywords your competitors are ranking for and other areas where they are doing better than you.

Other notable features

  • Link building tools that help you audit backlinks, find new building opportunities, and get insights into your strategies.
  • Content Audit and SEO Checker tools to create better content that ranks you higher than competitors.
  • SEMRush also has keyword rank checker tools for your domain and competitor websites.

Site Audit tool for checking subdomains, website mobile version, and discovering issues.

Google ranking software - semrush site audit page


The pricing plans on SEMRush are divided into three.

There is a Pro plan at $119.95/month for small teams and newbies. Bigger teams can use the Guru plan at $229.95, while large enterprises can opt for the Business plan at $449.95/month.

Google ranking software - semrush pricing

💬 The bottom line

SEMRush is one of mine and many others #1 go-to tool for google rankings – and it’s not hard to see why.

From keyword research to competitor analysis, backlinking, rank tracking, and even technical SEO, it’s a top recommendation for everything that helps your ranking.

2. Ahrefs (Best Value)

Google ranking software - ahrefs homepages

Ahrefs is one of the most powerful google keyword ranking tools that exist, especially if you’re looking for something to help with link analysis.

Of all the SEO tools that I use, this is on the top of the list. I use Ahrefs for all my content, SEO, and link-building efforts, which I mentioned in-depth when discussing the best link-building tools.

One of the most impressive features, apart from providing all the data you need for making informed decisions, is the ability to do a competitor analysis.

The good thing about this Ahrefs feature is it’s an excellent keyword research technique that gives you insights for ranking above your competitors on search engines.

Start by typing in your website. Ahrefs presents valuable information, including ratings, backlinks, and traffic generation.

Google ranking software - ahrefs dashboard

Then, click on Competing Domains on the left-side menu, and it displays your top competitors and how you compare with them.

Google ranking software - ahrefs competing domains screenshot

You can also use the Content Gap feature to identify keywords you should be paying attention to. I use the top three or four competitors for comparison based on the combination of details.

Google ranking software - ahrefs content gap page

That brings up the keywords, keyword positions on search results, etc., with links to all the pages.

Google ranking software - ahrefs content gap page results

This will let you know when keywords your competitors are ranking for that you’re not and can be taken into account as part of your content strategy.

Other notable features

  • Site Audit feature reveals exhaustive information about your site.
  • Keywords Explorer gives a deep dive into specific keywords to uncover what customers are interested in.
  • Link Intersect feature shows prospective sites that link to some of your competitors and may link to you.
  • Site explorer allows you to view all the meaningful statistics like
  • Ahrefs also has an in-built keyword rank checker to reveal your progress.


Ahrefs has some free tools you can access through the Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

The main pricing starts at $99/month. Other plans include Standard at $199/month, Advanced at $399/month, and Enterprise at $999/month.

Google ranking software - ahrefs pricing

💬 The bottom line

Ahrefs offers equally powerful features to SEMRush, and most people doing SEO is either using one or the other. These are tools that offers a wide range of search engine optimization improvements.

I love that there are no distractions – just plain valuable and straight-to-the-point information from its massive database.

3. Moz

Google ranking software - moz homepage

Moz started as an online community in 2004.

Today, it is a top contender for the best Google ranking software.

Moz Pro also has many features, but of particular interest to me is its on-page optimization, which is unavailable in Ahrefs.

Google ranking software - moz page optimization dashboard

On the Page Optimization section, you can put a URL and insert the keyword you want the page to rank for. This feature works like AI tools like Surfer SEO (which I swear by) to display the current page score and tips to improve the google keyword rankings.

Moz Pro also has a more in-depth Page Optimization report accessible from the Tracked Keywords Overview in the Rankings section.

Google ranking software - moz ranking page
Google ranking software - moz tracked keyword page

Other notable features

  • Link Profiler is the main feature, and it gives detailed information about your website.
  • Fresh Web Explorer feature search for recent mentions of your organization and content.
  • Its Rank Checker goes in-depth to deliver specific keyword performance.
  • Keywords Explorer is the most powerful tool on the Moz platform. It gives you metrics like search volume, difficulty level, and click-through rates. It also generates new keywords you can use.
Google ranking software - moz keywords explorer metrics


Moz’s pricing starts at $99 for the most basic plans. However, you can get more value with the higher plans.

💬 The bottom line

Moz is a highly impressive tool that offers many features to rank higher on search engines. It’s not as powerful as Ahrefs and SEMRush, but it works excellently.

4. Ubersuggest (Best For Content and Keyword Research)

Google ranking software - ubersuggest homepage

Ubersuggest is owned by Neil Patel and he’s done an excellent job of improving the tool.

Its main feature is keyword research.

Just insert the keywords and location in the bars under the Keyword Overview section. Ubersuggest will list some key insights immediately. This feature works better because you can use it directly for competitor analysis.

Google ranking software - ubersuggest keyword overview page

I find some of the features here quite similar to Moz Domain Authority.

Then, it will suggest relevant long-tail keywords with vital details like search volume, CPC, and difficulty.

Google ranking software - ubersuggest keyword metrics

💡 Pro tip: Note that metrics used by these tools, such as “Keyword Difficulty” for Ahrefs, “SEO difficulty” for Ubersuggest, etc are all just estimated parameters by the tools.

They are a good, interchangeable benchmark to make your content decisions on, but what should matter first is whether the content is relevant for your customers/audience. 

And like BuzzSumo, there is Content Ideas, a list of pages already ranking on the keyword.

Google ranking software - ubersuggest content ideas

Other notable features

  • Site Audit analyzes your entire domain and gives suggestions to improve your ranking.
  • Traffic Analyzer lets you see your competitors’ activities.
  • You can get backlinking information from the Backlinks section.
  • I also love the Dashboard feature, which allows you to run and track projects from a single place.
Google ranking software - ubersuggest dashboard feature


Ubersuggest has an exciting pricing offer. You can either pay between $12 and $40/month or save as much as 90% when you pay for the lifetime offer.

Google ranking software - ubersuggest pricing

💬 The bottom line

This is an overall decent tool that does the basics. I would recommend it to anyone on a budget who wants quality insights. I also like how neat Ubersuggest is – it organizes all the information you need on a single page.

5. Screaming Frog (Best for Technical SEO)

Google ranking software - screaming frog homepage

Screaming Frog is another popular tool that can help you improve your position on the Google search console.

Arguably, it’s one of the best tools that allow you to do a complete technical audit on your site.

Although it has several features I love – the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is the one that I find most useful.

You can use this tool for Google-type website crawling to detect issues like broken links, javascript issues, HTTP, and HTML errors.

For example, its Find Broken Links feature lets you detect broken links on your website.

Simply insert the link in the space provided to crawl the website.

Google ranking software - screaming frog site crawl

Then, go to the Response Codes tab and select Client Error in the filters.

Google ranking software - screaming frog client error

Other notable features

  • Duplicate content can hurt your Google keyword ranking, and you can trust Screaming Frog to identify this.
  • Audit scheduling helps to program audits and produce reports through popular formats.
  • Do you have faulty, duplicate, or missing page titles and meta descriptions? Screaming Frog can analyze your URLs to correct errors.
Google ranking software - screaming frog content audit


The pricing for Screaming Frog SEO Spider is pretty affordable, coming to £149/year. But you can use the tool for free to crawl websites with <500 links.

Google ranking software - screaming frog pricing

💬 The bottom line

Screaming Frog is a useful tool for technical fixes which can play a big part in your site’s ability to rank. However, it’s relatively limited and cannot do white hat link building, competitor analysis, and backlinking without help from other tools.

6. WooRank

Google ranking software - woorank homepage

WooRank’s tool and browser extension analyze on-page and off-page SEO with specific solutions to improve them.

Just get on the site and click on the button.

WooRank will analyze the page’s primary data, like title tags and mobile optimization. This also works for competitor analysis.

Google ranking software - Woorank results page

You can also sort based on the performance of page components. For instance, selecting Errors displays page issues with solutions to correct them.

Google ranking software - woorank sort feature

Other notable features

  • Keyword Tool to research relevant SEO keywords to rank for.
  • Check out multiple competitors’ strategies with the Competitors feature.
  • Digital marketing tools to enhance your marketing strategies with key insights.


WooRank’s pricing is divided into Pro at $79.99/month, Premium at $199.99/month, and Enterprise for large teams.

Google ranking software - WooRank pricing

💬 The bottom line

WooRank has a decent tool that provides valuable data on your website, pages, and competitors from within your browser. It’s a decent tool for anyone who likes to get quick results.

7. Google Analytics

Google ranking software - Google Analytics Homepage

Google Analytics is a free tool that gives you all the information you need about your website.

The dashboard combines details like traffic, bounce rate, visitors, and sessions to glance at your website’s performance.

Google ranking software - GA overview

And you can dive into the specific data to understand your audience behaviour, traffic acquisition source, any CTAs conversion, top pages etc. 

It’s also a must for local SEO. All these insights allow you to improve your page, target your audience better, and rank higher.

Other notable features

  • Behavior reveals important patterns for understanding how you generate traffic. It contains information like how many new and recurring visitors you’re getting. Demographics will go further to detail their journeys on your site.
  • Demographics shows where your visitors live and the languages they speak.
  • Acquisitions allow me to see whether my traffic source is coming from.

Technology is another section I love because it shows the devices they visit your website with. This lets you better optimize your content for the devices that matter most.

💬 The bottom line

Google Analytics can present some unique ranking opportunities for site owners, and is the most accurate source of data when compared to the other tools on the list. Especially when used with other free SEO tools, like the Google Search Console and Google PageSpeed.

It lacks the sophistication of other keyword ranking tools, which makes sense as it only allows you to delve into the data of your own site. However, that doesn’t make it any less important.

In a nutshell…

Gone are the days when Google ranking factors used to be a mysterious affair. Although no magic button can take you to the top of search engines, you can get marked improvements by putting the right strategies in place.

And that is where Google ranking software comes in. By supplying you insights, testing existing methods, tracking performance, and correcting errors, you can make helpful adjustments that rank your pages higher.

Above are the best ranking tools that can help you get the job done, from keyword research, link building, analyzing competitors, tracking rank, to technical audits.

However, the ultimate aim is to create better content that helps visitors. As long as your customers are at the forefront of your strategy – with the right tools and execution, ranking should be a question of when, rather than if.

But if you don’t want to go through all that trouble – you can always hire content marketing consultants like me to help!

What other tools have I missed? 

Good Luck!

Jessica La

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