5+ Best AI SEO Tools Every Content Marketer Should Use (2024)

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Search engine optimization is essential for generating search traffic to your website.

In fact, it is the top source content marketers rely on.

AST: Top Traffic Source Stat

The reality is that it is challenging, but no one said you have to do it all yourself.

Trying it on your own will be time-consuming, not to mention hardly effective.

Now, we also have to consider that SEO evolves very quickly, and your competitors are not waiting around, either.

So, the way out? Artificial intelligence.

From defining your SEO strategy, keyword research, and content creation, to backlinking and reporting, you can delegate all the heavy lifting to AI.

This brings us to AI SEO.

I did a complete AI SEO guide for you, but below, you’ll find all the AI-powered tools you need to get started.

What is AI SEO?

From the website owner’s perspective, AI SEO consists of processes and techniques that leverage artificial intelligence to simplify SEO processes and improve website search rankings

There are a number of AI SEO software tools out there, each employing a specific AI technology and addressing a particular SEO process.

1. Surfer SEO (Overall best for AI SEO)

AST: Surfer SEO Homepage

Surfer SEO recently restated its claim as the best AI SEO tool when it introduced Grow Flow. Through this feature, Surfer SEO will supply unique insights for making sure your website’s SEO is in top shape.

You just have to set it up with your website information, and it will suggest keywords, topics, internal linking opportunities, and anything else you need.

AST: Surfer SEO Features

Before Grow Flow, Surfer SEO was already doing a great on-page and technical SEO job. It uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze top competitors and suggest how best to beat them.

Surfer SEO studies SERPs, plans content, and supplies a content editor that guides you all along the way. What that means is unique SEO strategy, content marketing, and content optimization.

Other notable features

  • The SEO audit tool will check and correct simple and complex issues on your site.
  • Through its website and Google Chrome extension, Surfer SEO lets you use tools for generating outlines and surfing keywords for free.
  • Surfer SEO is available in multiple languages, and you can localize your SEO strategy to different locations around the world.


Surfer SEO has three pricing plans you can choose from. The Basic plan is perfect for beginners, and you can get it for only $49/month if you subscribe annually. However, it allows only ten articles per month, compared to Pro’s 30 at $99/month and Business’ 70 articles at $199/month.

AST: Surfer SEO Pricing

💬 The bottom line

As valuable a tool as Surfer SEO is, it is also pretty straightforward to use. With a clean interface and functions that do what they say, Surfer SEO has most of your SEO needs covered, supplying the data you need and the guides to accomplish them.

Check out my in-depth Surfer SEO review to learn about all its features, services, and guides.

2. Semrush (Best for research)

AST: Semrush Homepage

Semrush is a powerful SEO tool with an AI engine that supplies all the information you need to grow your website.

This tool can do everything from providing in-depth data for your campaigns, correcting errors on your website, monitoring your rankings, revealing competitors’ strategies, and helping with content creation and social media marketing. 

All you have to do is create a project for your website. The domain overview gives a good at-a-glance report of the website, and from there, you can identify where to make improvements. 

AST: Domain overview

Semrush supplies you with tons and tons of relevant keyword information, including search volume, difficulty, CPC, and related keywords. 

AST: Keyword research example

The site audit is a technical SEO function that detects errors hurting your website in the background. Again, this powerful tool finds 404 errors, broken links, missing and duplicate page elements, etc.

You can research competitors and see their keywords and backlinks. This feature shows how they stack up against you, and you can get unique insights when you use the Keyword Gap tool. 

While improving your website and its pages, it’s essential to keep an eye on your SERP positions. That’s what position tracking from Semrush helps to accomplish. Like the best SERP tracking tools, Semrush will track all changes in real-time. 

Other notable features

  • Analyze each page for errors and improvements with the On-Page SEO Checker.
  • Semrush has a whole content marketing toolkit that has tools to strategize, build, optimize, and distribute content. 
  • Advertising toolkit for paid advertising strategies. 
  • Social media management for post schedule planning and real-time tracking.


Semrush pricing plans consist of Pro at $99.95/ month, Guru at $191.82/month, and Business at $374.95/month. All the plans offer the same features with slight changes in the number of projects, keywords, and reports you can have. 

AST: Semrush Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Semrush is the best AI tool you can find as far as keyword, competitor, and backlink research is concerned. The tool is in-depth, has a huge database, and supplies reliable information every time.  

Check out my in-depth Semrush review to see what it offers and how to use it.

3. Jasper AI (Best for content writing)

AST: Jasper AI Homepage

Written content is one of the essential parts of content marketing, and that will be the case for a long time, even though videos and images are gaining more importance. 

Jarvis AI is an AI-powered tool that writes all kinds of articles, blog posts, and copies. It has more than 50 use cases, including long-form content, articles and blog posts, stories, copies, meta descriptions, video scripts, ads, etc. 

AST: Jasper AI Templates

You may choose from a number of tones to make the text sound natural, and there are very nice options you can use.

Other notable features

  • Jasper AI is available in more than 25 languages for a wide range of audiences.
  • This software can integrate with many tools for more functionality. You can incorporate Surfer SEO, Grammarly, etc.
  • Jarvis AI also has content editors and improvers to work on existing texts that need improvements.


Jasper AI has two pricing plans. The first lets you generate 20,000 words at $29/month, while the second gives 50,000 words at $59/month. Both plans also allow more words, but you’ll have to pay more. 

AST:Jarvis AI Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Jasper AI is an excellent AI writing tool. On its own, it is quite decent, but with a little support from the user, this is an outstanding tool that could solve all your content creation needs.

You can try Jasper AI for free or read the full review here.

4. HubSpot (Best for automation and strategy)

AST: HubSpot CRM Homepage

HubSpot is a powerful AI and automation software. Primarily one of the best CRM tools, it has an SEO feature that analyzes your entire website and gives you suggestions. 

That’s not all. HubSpot works for planning an SEO strategy. All you need to do is enter the website, and it will plan your journey for you, suggesting relevant keywords and topics you should create content for.

AST: HubSpot CRM Dashboard

And to help with content creation, you have the CMS toolkit all to yourself. The Blog Maker is the main content creation tool, but there are others for domain creation and hosting.

Other notable features

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub lets you do marketing automation to attract and convert leads.
  • There are free tools for building forms, managing ads, schedule planning, contact managemen, etc.
  • Drag-and-drop builder to design websites, forms, and landing pages.
  • HubSpot integrates with over 1,000 tools to give access to more functionality.


HubSpot pricing plans let you enjoy most of its services for just $45/month through the Starter plan. As your business grows, you may opt for the Professional plan at $1,600/month or the Enterprise plan at $5,000/month. 

AST: HubSpot CRM Bundle Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Built on an excellent customer relationship management background, HubSpot gives access to powerful automation, content marketing, and search engine optimization that your customers are excited about.

5. Alli AI (Best for SEO strategy)

AST: Alli AI Homepage

Alli AI is about saving time and money by scaling and automating campaigns. Its artificial intelligence technology can optimize a whole website in simple steps and in no time.

The best part is that this software is easy to use, no matter the CMS. You do not need a software developer since there will be no reason to code. Instead, you only have to install the code to receive hundreds of SEO recommendations.

AST: Alli AI at work

It will also continue to check your site and give automatic recommendations. Each recommendation can be executed by the AI platform with just a click. You can set recommendations to effect or choose pages to ignore.

Other notable features

  • Make changes to any website element with the Live Editor Chrome extension.
  • Get numerous link-building opportunities and optimize them in seconds with the Link Building tool.
  • Get in-depth White Label reports to show the work you’ve done on improving the website.


Alli AI pricing is available in three plans. Small teams and startups can optimize ten websites for $249/month, while agencies can access 25 websites at $499/month. The Enterprise plan allows you to optimize unlimited websites at $999/month.  

AST: Alli AI Pricing

💬 The bottom line

It is crucial always to keep your website in top shape, and monitoring each page is the most challenging task. Alli AI will do all the heavy lifting with real-time recommendations and automation that fix what you want it to.


Content marketers who want to drive website growth to the next level must embrace AI SEO. Search engines are already using AI to improve results, and getting up to speed may require that websites leverage the same technology.

While there are numerous AI tools out there, you do not have to use even a percentage of them to achieve your objectives. Instead, you only need to focus on what’s most important and scale appropriately as time goes on.

The AI SEO tools mentioned above represent a wide range of solutions to most SEO needs. It is a great place to start, and you should start seeing growth in no time. 

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