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5+ Best Rank Tracking Tools to Monitor and Improve Your Rankings

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Rank tracking is one of the essential SEO strategies.

Well, if you’re putting effort into something, you should know if they’re paying off or not, right?

If you’re using the services of Google ranking software, you should definitely track keyword rankings.

With it, you can gauge your website’s performance on SERPs, find out if your search engine optimization techniques are working, and discover which pages to give more attention to.

That’s because when it comes to your website’s visibility on search engines, you just can’t leave things to chance.

Reports show that only 10 percent of online content gets any form of organic traffic on Google.

Best Rank Tracking Tool Traffic Statistics


To narrow things down even further, the top five Google search results gulp over 80% of all clicks. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Google Ranking CTR


However, rank tracking is much more than noting what page is in the first or second position.

It involves a number of techniques for monitoring your pages and improving their performance till they get in a good position for organic traffic.

Don’t worry if that sounds like a lot of work because a rank tracker tool can do the heavy lifting for you.

Below, I have compiled the best rank tracking tools you can find.

Okay, let’s jump in.

What is the Best Rank Tracking Tool?

Software Pricing (starts from) Keyword Tracking Competitor Tracking Link Tracking Error Tracking Content Tracking
SE Ranking
Google Search Console

1. Semrush (Overall Best)

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Semrush Homepage

Semrush is one of the most comprehensive all-in-one SEO tools you can find. It is already renowned for its powerful keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, and site audit tools. 

However, it also has one of the best keyword rank tracker features to monitor your search engine positions. Its data are directly from Google with daily updates, which makes the data reliable.

To track rankings, log in to your account on the Semrush website and click on Position Tracking from the options on the left. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Semrush Position Tracking

Then, input your domain, device, and region.

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Semrush New Position Tracking

Next, insert the target keywords you want to track. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Semrush Adding Keywords

After inputting the required data, it shows you a report from which you can deduce many details concerning your ranking position.

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Semrush Rank Tracking Report

It includes the average position, estimated traffic, visibility, etc.

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Semrush Average Position

This report is perfect for checking your immediate and top competitors. You will see how much of a competition they are to you with paid traffic and even competing landing pages. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Semrush Competitors Tracking Report

Other notable features

  • Get more dynamic tracking results with tags. With tags, you can get even more information from each keyword. It allows you to segment searches with up to five tags per keyword.
Best Rank Tracking Tool: Semrush Tags
  • Track keywords across different devices and locations. Semrush Position Tracking lets you track specific positions for specific locations. You can also see how it works on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
Best Rank Tracking Tool: Semrush Location and Device Reports
  • Track consistently with regular reporting. You can schedule reports or create a custom one, so you and your clients never miss any new development. 
Best Rank Tracking Tool: Semrush Reports Scheduling


There are three Semrush pricing plans. They include the pro plan at $99.95/month, the Guru plan at $191.62, and the Business plan at $374.75/month.

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Semrush Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Semrush is a powerful SEO tool that’s perfect for monitoring search engine positions. This keyword rank tracking software is a top tool for getting comprehensive ranking reports for your website and competitors across different periods, regions, and devices.

2. SE Ranking (Most Affordable Option) 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: SE Ranking Homepage

SE Ranking is an SEO tool that combines search engine optimization, B2B marketing, and social media management.

With rank tracking, competitor analysis, site audit, and link-building features, SE Ranking allows you to track rankings and improve website performance.

The keyword rank tracker requires that you create a project and fill in the required details, such as your domain details, target keywords, search engine, competitors, etc. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: SE Ranking Rank Tracking Setup

After creating the project, you can always check ranking information by clicking on “Rankings” on the left-side panel. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: SE Ranking Rank Tracking Report

The report contains extensive data detailing your average position and other SERP features, traffic, competition, search results, and others.

Best Rank Tracking Tool: SE Ranking SERP Report

Other notable features

  • If you need to share the report with teammates or clients, there is a guest link feature that allows you to do that easily.
  • Track keyword positions across several locations and on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube.
  • SE Ranking also gives you in-depth competitor data, so you’d know those competing on the same keywords. 
Best Rank Tracking Tool: SE Ranking Competitors Report


SE Ranking pricing seemed confusing initially, but that only took a few seconds. You can subscribe monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually, with a lesser price for longer periods. You’d also pay more depending on the frequency of reports. Simply adjust as you’d like to continue. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: SE Ranking Pricing

💬 The bottom line

SE Ranking is comprehensive rank tracking software that shows you all you need to grow your ranking. Its interface also lays all the information nicely, so you don’t miss anything, plus it has one of the most competitive pricing you can find.  

3. Ahrefs (Best Combo with Other SEO Tools)

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Ahrefs Homepage

Ahrefs is a renowned tool among SEO professionals. It features many helpful tools that will help you improve your SEO strategy.

For quick rank checks, you can use its free Keyword Rank Checker. What this tool does is simple. You can use it to check if you rank for any keyword in over 240 countries. It will reveal your current position as well as minor traffic, keyword, and backlinking information. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Ahrefs Free Keyword Rank Checker

Enter the keyword, domain link, and country. Then, click on “Check ratings” for an immediate result. It also shows you the highest-ranking competitors.

However, to do SEO rank tracking, the Rank Tracker feature is a powerful tool that helps you track your website and competitors, with regular reports on changes.

You need to input keywords and specify the countries and competitors to use this feature. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Ahrefs Adding Keywords to Rank Tracking

Ahrefs will send updates on visibility, traffic, positional changes, etc. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Ahrefs Reports Overview

Other notable features

  • Ahrefs rank tracking tools let you monitor performance for over 200 countries.
  • A great way to get all the data you need to do link building or provide link building services.
  • Ahrefs Rank Tracker also reveals loads of SERP information. 
Best Rank Tracking Tool: Ahrefs SERP Ranking Report


Ahrefs does not have a free plan or trial but offers some valuable tools, among which is a Keyword Rank Checker. To track search engine rankings over time or monitor other aspects, you’d need to check out the pricing with plans starting from $83/month.

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Ahrefs Pricing

💬 The bottom line

One of my all-time favorites, Ahrefs is an effective rank tracking tool that’s also pretty straightforward with a smooth interface. Its numerous features let you a lot of factors that affect ranking, which gives you so much freedom to tweak things to your taste. 

4. SERPWatcher by Mangools (Best for Daily Updates) 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: SERPWatcher Homepage

SERPWatcher is a dedicated rank tracking tool by Mangools, providers of other valuable SEO tools for keyword research, site audit, and backlink analysis.

This keyword rank tracking software combines all website data to deliver tracking details every day. You can expect key data such as ranking, performance index, organic traffic, etc.

Start by creating a tracking project. Then, input your domain, location, and search engine. In the next screen, you can input the keywords to track in a couple of ways. Complete, and you’re good to go. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: SERPWatcher Rank Tracking Setup

Then, you can get all the necessary information from the “Trackings” option on the menu. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: SERPWatcher Trackings Tab

Other notable features

  • SERPWatcher’s rank tracking report sharing features allow everyone to interact with the keywords, filters, and timeframe to access different aspects of the data.
  • Availability on all devices and locations.
  • This tool is also perfect for monitoring daily changes to your website.


With pricing starting at $29.90, SERPWatcher is one of the most affordable SEO tools for rank tracking. It has other plans at $39.90 for Premium, $79.90 for Agency plans, and a 10-day free trial to test the services. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: SERPWatcher Pricing

💬 The bottom line

SERPWatcher is another enjoyable tool to use. It is complete with accurate, comprehensive data, essential metrics, helpful filters, and daily updates, among others. This rank-checking tool is also easy to use and has affordable plans. 

5. Google Search Console (Best Free Rank Checker) 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Google Search Console Homepage

Google Search Console is a free tool that can help you monitor certain aspects of our website, including the Google rankings.

After website verification, click “Performance” on the dashboard and then “Average Position.” 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Google Search Console Average Position

Simply scroll down, and you can find the keywords you’re ranking for and your performance for each. You can also specify the device and location or use filters to discover more. 

Best Rank Tracking Tool: Google Search Console Filters

Other notable features

  • Google Search Console can give nice background information on how your website’s doing, including page traffic and rankings, CTRs, backlinks, etc.
  • This tool can also help you detect errors that affect ranking.
  • Optimize your website for mobile users using the Mobile Usability feature.

💬 The bottom line

Google Search Console is a free rank checker tool that’s great for website owners who don’t want to spend yet. It is also a handy tool to have in conjunction with a couple of other tools. All in all, it doesn’t do much, but it’s a good place to start tracking.

In a nutshell…

There you have it. The best keyword rank checker tools you can find for your website or blog.

Each one has its upsides, and these tools give you the freedom to track your position on search engines in different methods. Another good thing is that while some are dedicated to rank tracking, others combine useful SEO features and even content marketing.

So, you may want to bear that in mind when selecting from the list.

Also, it’s important to note that the best rank tracking software isn’t solely about your position. Instead, they offer options for improving your search engine rankings while helping you keep an eye on competitors.

That said, you can rest assured that the above-mentioned have every ranking data you could use.

Right. Good luck tracking your rank!

Jessica La

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