7+ Best Local SEO Software to Boost Your Visibility (2024)

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Some weeks ago, I wrote a detailed guide on the top affordable SEO services and tools to drive visibility.

At that time, I couldn’t help but think about how underrated local SEO is. Many do not bother about or put enough into their local SEO efforts.

Just in case you’re wondering…

46% of Google searches are local


That’s right. Close to half of all queries on the Google search console are local searches.

Also, it’s no news that the Google Local 3-Pack, which displays the top local business listings, is now a prominent part of search results.

In fact, statistics from Go-Globe reveal that 93% of inquiries with local intent feature the Google 3-Pack at the top.

Google Local 3-Pack

And that’s just the good part.

It gets better when you consider the results your business can get with improved local search visibility.

Interesting local SEO statistics

1. 80% of local searches convert. (Source)
2. 79% trust reviews as much as recommendations from different sources. (Source)
3. Google My Business businesses generated a 61% increase in calls during the pandemic. (Source)
4. 50% visit a store within 24 hours of doing a local search on their phone, while 34% do the search on a tablet or computer. (Source)
5. 28% of local searches end up as with a purchase. (Source)

By now, it should be pretty clear. Developing a local SEO strategy is essential to generate more organic traffic.

However, this is easier said than done. For one, the number of local search marketing tools can be pretty confusing, even when only a few can genuinely improve visibility for local businesses.

Below, I will be sharing a list of the best local SEO tools and how each one can help you boost your local search rankings on the top search engines.

What are the best local SEO software?

Tool$ (starts from)Free plan/trial?Review ManagerCitation Finder
Moz Local$14/month
Google Business ProfileFree


Whitespark Homepage

Whitespark was founded in 2005 as a web design agency. It has since then migrated into the business of providing quality local SEO tools for businesses.

It has some really nice tools for building local visibility and scaling up your business, but the Citation Finder is the most notable.

Whitespark Citation Finder

This feature helps you locate those citation opportunities you’ve not yet identified. The feature is essential for analyzing your competitors’ citations.

Whitespark Opportunities
Whitespark Competitor Analysis

Whitespark also has a dedicated Local Rank Tracker tool. It analyzes your business alongside its competitors to help you clarify how you stack up on the rankings that matter.

Whitespark Rankings

Like Ahref’s tracker, it also shows your general rank on major search engines.

Other notable features:

  • Business reputation management. This local SEO software lets you share reviews for your business on more than 100 review sites through its Reputation Builder feature.
  • Review monitoring. With this tool, you can follow your positive and negative reviews online and act accordingly.
  • Link building. This is Whitespark’s solution for locating link-building opportunities.

There are other tools like the Google Review Link Generator, Review Handout Generator, and Offline Conversion Tracker.


The plans from Whitespark are based on the features. Hence, there are different pricing plans for each of them.

For the local citation finder pricing:

  • Starter is free
  • Small business starts at $39
  • Specialist (most popular) for $49
  • Agency runs for $59
  • Enterprise for $149
Whitespark Pricing

For the rank tracking plan you have:

  • Small business for $25
  • Specialist for $50
  • Agency runs for $100
  • Enterprise for $200
Whitespark Pricing 2

💬 The bottom line:

Whitespark is the best local SEO software. It’s packed with great tools to take your local SEO game to the next level.

Citation building, rank tracking, review management, link building, you just name it, and Whitespark’s got it.

Moz Local

Moz Local Homepage

Moz Local is a popular local SEO tool. And it has earned such a fine reputation by providing fantastic local SEO services.

One of such features is the Instant Directory and Aggregator Submission. This is a local listing management tool that makes sure you have up-to-date data on local directories.

Moz Local Local Listing

It ensures you always maintain a correct business listing and removes duplicates.

That is made possible through its robust dashboard that combines tracking, optimization, and general management tools.

Moz Local Dashboard

Other notable features:

  • Sync with Google My Business for claiming and updating your profile.
  • Online review monitoring and management for maintaining an excellent reputation.
  • Up-to-date metrics and reports on your reach, score, accuracy.


Moz Local has three pricing plans to choose from:

  • The Lite plan starting from $14/month
  • The Preferred plan starting at $20/month
  • The Elite plan starting at $33/month.
Moz Local Pricing

💬 The bottom line:

Moz Local is another feature-rich local SEO software. It prides itself in ensuring consistent business listings but gives every other thing you’re looking for to boost local SEO rankings.


BrightLocal Homepage

BrightLocal is another trusted local SEO software that started operation in 2009. Its services are currently enjoyed by over 60,000 local and global businesses.

It has a lead generation tool for managing every part of your local search marketing from a single spot. Its widget lets visitors generate custom business audits.

BrightLocal Widget

Other notable features:

  • Google My Business syncing to keep your info intact.
  • White-label reports through an easy-to-use and customizable dashboard.
  • Online review monitoring for major sites, including Tripadvisor, Facebook, GMB, Foursquare, etc.
  • Rank tracker, report generator, and citation building and cleaning up.


BrightLocal has a 14-day free trial that gives you access to all tools. Afterward, you can pick from four different pricing plans starting at $29/month. These plans are:

  • Single Business for $29/month
  • Multi Business for $49/month
  • SEO Pro (Best Value) for $79/month
  • There’s also a special plan for just reviews at $8/month.
BrightLocal Pricing

💬 The bottom line:

It is an all-in-one local SEO platform with sophisticated solutions. It lets you analyze, track, optimize, and audit your business and location data.


SEMRush Homepage

SEMRush local SEO is trusted worldwide by numerous brands, including HP, eBay, and Quora. Its services let you build local search rankings by offering you a wide range of information, from traffic to keywords and other things in-between.

SEMRush recently partnered with another local listing management tool, Yext. Their collaboration helps websites manage local pages, listings, reviews, etc.

Thanks to the partnership, it gets access to the Knowledge Network from Yext. This tool makes it possible for SEMRush to promote your business data on top local listing platforms like TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Foursquare.

SEMRush Listings

The SEMRush listing management dashboard lets you manage all information from one place, and it’s pretty straightforward.

SEMRush Dashboard

Just input your business data and insert your location. Then, watch as the tool displays how you rank on different listings. When you adjust your settings, it automatically updates the results.

SEMRush Rankings

Other notable features:

  • Competitor analysis. Part of the local SEO data it supplies includes the activities of your competitors and what works. With this, you can ensure you’re not missing out on essential SEO strategies.
  • Keyword research helps you discover the keywords to rank for to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Backlinks checker looks at your links to make sure they’re in great shape.


You save between $20 and $75 on SEMRush pricing if you pay annually with the Pro plan starting from $99.95/month. Otherwise it’s:

  • $119.95/month for the Pro plan
  • $229.95/month for the Guru Plan (or $191.62/month annual payment)
  • $449.95/month for the Business Plan (or $374.95/month annual payment)
SEMRush Pricing

💬 The bottom line:

SEMRush is an excellent local SEO tool with the basic features you need to rank higher. This software works so well because of its ease of use.


Synup Homepage

Synup offers a lot of local SEO services and insights. That includes listing management, analytics monitoring, and custom reports.

Its listing management tool crawls and analyzes local SEO data from 200 local directories and search engines. It also brings everything together, manages inconsistencies, and removes duplicates.

Synup Directories

Synup also monitors reviews and interactions with your business. It will notify you instantly of developments, so you respond appropriately. It even lets you do this within the tool.

Synup Review Manager

Other notable features:

  • Analytics for tracking location information, traffic, performance, and web rankings. You can also generate reports in a number of formats like PDF, CSV, and XLS.
  • Automatic update ensures your location and business information is always consistent across directories.
  • Its solutions let you specify a niche.
  • Widgets to get things done faster.


Synup’s local SEO tools pricing starts at $30 per location according to GetApp.

💬 The bottom line:

Synup does a great job of maintaining your business reputation and keeping you in the know about your local SEO efforts.


Yext Homepage

Yext local SEO is another local SEO software that ensures up-to-date business data across directories as well as improves your local search marketing.

Yext’s main feature is listing management, which integrates with search engines, social networks, maps, and apps to increase your visibility.

Yext Listings

This feature also gives you real-time and periodic updates, analytics, and other suggestions to improve your rankings.

Other notable features:

  • Yext Pages is a system that updates your information on listings and removes duplicates, so customers have accurate details.
  • Knowledge Manager responds to questions about your business activities, location, working hours, and promotions.
  • Google My Business syncing and management.
  • Analytics and reports.


I like how Yext’s pricing gives you a lot of freedom. They have four plans charged per week. They are:

  • Emerging ($4/week)
  • Essential ($9/week)
  • Complete ($10/week)
  • Premium ($19/week).
Yext Pricing

💬 The bottom line:

Yext is perfect for boosting rankings, building interaction, increasing traffic, and driving sales. Its pricing makes it ideal for local businesses that do not need local SEO solutions throughout the month.

Google Business Profile

Google My Business Homepage

Primarily known as Google My Business or GMB, it is one of the free SEO tools from Google. It doesn’t give you much, but you’d be doing your business a disservice if you ignore its services.

Its listing is essential for ranking high on Google’s Local 3-Pack.

Other notable features:

  • Monitor online reviews for maintaining the right amount of interaction with customers.
  • Up-to-date business information through GMB lets you keep customers and gain new ones. It allows you to update your address, website, phone number, etc.
  • Business analytics gives you reports on performance and engagement.
  • Engage customers with business events, photos, and other updates.


Google My Business is free local SEO software, which means all of its features are free for you to take advantage of.

💬 The bottom line:

Google My Business is the default local SEO tool from Google. It works well alongside other Google solutions like Google Maps, Google Analytics, ad the Google search console to improve local search rankings.

To Wrap Up

If anything, recent developments have shown us that online marketing and its strategies will remain dynamic. It’s also not difficult to imagine how vital SEO will continue to be.

Not only is the internet renowned for making the world seem like a smaller place, but people are also actively looking for ways to take full advantage of developments that make their lives easier. Along this line, it’s easy to see the prospects of local SEO.

Therefore, big and small businesses will benefit from SEO efforts that bring their services closer to consumers. This way, your brand gains more trust, boosts visibility, makes more sales. 

Good Luck!

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✔️ Organic growth from $22,000 to $115,550 in 3 months.
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✔️ Growing sites to 50+ DR. 

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