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Blog Growth Engine Review (Adam Enfroy): My 1 Year 0-$15k/mo Results

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Blogging as a side hustle or career may seem “cute”…

…until you realize that there are people out there making over $100k every month doing so. 

Adam Enfroy - Blog income report

And that’s exactly how I came across Adam Enfroy back in June 2021.

A quick google search on “How To Start a Blog” quickly spiraled into a rabbit hole of “Holy Moly, this dude makes a shit tonne of money from… blogging?”

So after reading his stuff and signing up for his newsletter, his course “Blog Growth Engine” launched right after.

And yeah, you bet I signed up.

I’m a 22 Australian with zero Blogging/SEO/Marketing experience.

Fast forward 12 months:

  • I grew my DR from 0-50
  • I was able to quit my job in month 7 of launching my site
  • I made my first 10k 3 months from site launch
  • I now make $15,000~ in monthly recurring revenue
  • I help clients 4x their organic revenue in as little as 3 months. 

And those are only the “measurable” goals (and probably the only goals you guys care about). 

However, I will say that finding like-minded people, overcoming my imposter syndrome, and learning to be a manager were also big wins. 

And my results isn’t really the exception – here are so many more testimonials and results for the Blog Growth Engine course (click on enroll to see all the testimonials – or watch the master class). 

Oh, and did I mention I’m a student-turned-coach for the course? 

Adam Enfroy: phase 11

Yeah, the people I learned my blogging and SEO from are now my mentors and people I work with daily. 

Adam Enfroy: adam message
adam enfroy course review gif

Now, I’m going to cut to the chase.

If you’re looking to buy Blog Growth Engine – for 90% of you, I absolutely wouldn’t hesitate. Since June 2021, I’ve enrolled in a few other blogging courses, and Adam Enfroy’s course is by far, the most effective way to build a profitable blogging business.

There’s only a select group of people I don’t think will benefit from the course (more on this later).

And yes, this Blog Growth Engine Review will be “biased”. But, I’m not being biased for any reason other than that all my success today has come directly from what was taught in Adam’s blogging course. 

I’ll simply just be sharing my own experience.

Now, of course, I worked damn hard for my results. Blog Growth Engine isn’t a magic pill that will make you money tomorrow. If you’re expecting a DFY-thing as you sip on martinis all day, this isn’t for you. 

Don’t half-ass it. Got it?


So with that, let’s get down my personal Blog Growth Engine review. 

The Blog Growth Engine Course TLDR: 

Who it’s for: 

  • It’s for you if you want to make a leap for yourself and break your traditional job 
  • It’s for you if you want to build a legitimate and profitable blogging business. 
  • It’s for you if you want to be surrounded and supported by people with the same growth mindset 
  • It’s for you if you have zero years of SEO experience 
  • It’s for you even if you have many years of SEO/blog experience but struggle to monetize your site. 

What you’ll gain: 

  • The complete, step-by-step blueprint for making your blog/business work
  • The complete support system of the Skool group (our community platform) and unlimited 1:1 coaches from experts who are in the trenches with their own blogs
  • How to write content even if you’re not a writer
  • The exclusive slack link-building group that can accelerate your process 10x (seriously, I wish I had this starting out…)
  • 77+ modules of content and unlimited updates to keep you on top of the SEO space
  • Weekly interactive live Q&As with coaches 
Adam Enfroy: live zoom

The investment: 

  • Course: $1,497 down from $3900. For all content, including unlimited 1:1 coaching. This will be the lowest price (not a marketing ploy), and we’re very quickly going to keep raising this price. 
  • Website: The minimum monthly investment for software/domain that will help you rank will only be $160.9.

Who is Adam Enfroy?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know who Adam Enfroy is.

So I won’t get into the details of who Adam is.

But for those who don’t know, Adam is legendary in the affiliate marketing and blogging world. Apart from making over 100k a month from affiliate marketing alone, he’s also built one of the fastest and most profitable blogging businesses. 

Imagine making $1 million in under 2 years.

That’s what Adam Enfroy did – he doesn’t make money from selling you a blogging course – he practices what he preaches. And you can learn more about him here.

But the bottom line is this: because Blog Growth Engine exists, it means that what he did can 100% be done by you too.

And as someone who has taken the course for a year now – me and many other people’s results can back that up 100%

Here’s what makes this course different

Every battle is won before it’s ever fought – Sun Tzu

Do you know what differentiates the people who get results from those who don’t?

Strategy and execution.

It’s not tactics, it’s not leverage, and it’s not experience (although that does help).

Again, I had zero blogging/SEO knowledge starting out, but I’ve achieved more in my first 12 months doing SEO than those who have been in the industry for 5+ years.

My LinkedIn post here distills this down quite simply. 

Adam Enfroy: linkedin post

So let’s start with the strategy.

1 – Strategy

Strategy is really about prioritization. And that’s the first step to getting anywhere.

The course did 2 things for me that set me up for success:

  • First, it gave me the framework of WHAT to focus on.
  • Then it taught me WHEN I should be focusing on the many things that come with blogging.

The thing with making money online is that there are a lot of things that you can do. Anywhere from:

  • The perfect niche
  • The perfect site design
  • The best content
  • etc.

But when you’re a complete newbie just starting out – doing everything all at once is impossible. 

In fact, it’s silly. Very Silly. 

You’re just setting yourself up to fail.

But that’s what most blogging advice is: start this, do this, do everything. 

All. At Once.

Here’s an example. In one of the blogging courses I took, within the first 10 lessons, they were already telling me to set up my convert kit account and create a “lead magnet” to get people’s email.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be building your email list

But should you be doing that at site launch? When you have zero blogs and zero traffic?

It’s small nuances like that that have made every difference.

Taking the Blog Growth Engine course has allowed me to go 0-15K in the most efficient way possible – with NO experience.

And I’ll talk about the good, great, and improvements later on.

So when stripped to the bones, Blog Growth Engine comes down to 2 things:

Great content. Great links

Adam Enfroy: content and links 1
Adam Enfroy: content and links 2

That’s it. And the whole course centers around the groundwork you need to systemize and efficiently leverage everything you do.

There are really 2 things that move the needle when it comes to blogging/SEO.

  1. Writing great content
  2. Building great links

All other tactics can be learned later. But you can’t skip the fundamentals. Blog Growth Engine teaches you exactly how to:

  • Understand keyword research
  • Search intent
  • Build links
  • Write and optimize content
  • Do link building
  • Monetize your blogging skills (me – I made videos teaching this in the course!)

I’ve been able to do it for my site. And I’ve been able to do it for my clients.

Like this one client I helped grow from $22,000 in revenue to $83,600+ in just 3 months of work. 

Adam Enfroy: my results for client

I got these results from the skills I learned in Blog Growth Engine.

The course doesn’t try to teach you everything about SEO and blogging. Instead, it teaches you the fundamentals (what you need) and how to be very good at that.

So this is the ideal course for:

  1. Complete beginners
  2. People who have never cracked the fundamentals of SEO (content and links)
  3. People who want to learn how to monetize their skills and blog.

A breakdown of the course content

1 – Set up

The first 3 modules of Blog Growth Engine are all about priming you for creating a successful online business – but most importantly: creating something for yourself.

  • Phase 1: Your niche
  • Phase 2: Your mindset
  • Phase 3: Blogging like a startup

These will lay the groundwork for understanding what a blog is, getting clarity (or at least some clarity) on your personal brand, and then building your minimum viable website.

2 – Action

This is where I would say is where most people fail in their blogging business.

It’s exciting to hear the results of people making money online. From myself, to Adam Enfroy’s blog and anyone else who has built a successful blog. 

But the reality is that 90% of people don’t take action and, more importantly – follow through.

The Action phase is where you’re, well, taking action. It’s when you start your keyword research. It’s when you start your blog content creation, do outreach, and start link building. Specifically:

  • Phase 4: Decoding search intent
  • Phase 5: Minimum viable website
  • Phase 6: Keyword Monetization
  • Phase 7: Blog content creation
  • Phase 8: Link building

3 – Monetization and Scaling

This stage of the Blog Growth Engine course covers:

  • Phase 9: Affiliate marketing
  • Phase 10: Scaling and Outsourcing
  • Phase 11: Monetizing your Skills with Services (taught by yours truly 😎)

For new bloggers, it may take some time for you to reach this stage. This is because it takes a minimum of 6 months for a new site to even get traction from Google.

For the record – I personally didn’t even watch the affiliate marketing phase until I was actually ranking for my transactional keywords.

In saying that, you don’t need to start and build a passive income from the start. 

And that’s where I come in.

So I mentioned at the start that I made $10,000 in my first 3 months of site launch. 

It’s a bit unbelievable – even to me, but I did all that through SEO services/Consulting. 

I applied my 3 months worth of SEO knowledge/ skills and made $10,000.

Let that sink in for a moment.

There has never been a time in history that you could learn these skills so fast and monetize it. And I did this without sending a single cold sales email.

And my strategies have helped other students achieve the same thing. 

Adam Enfroy: student feedback on my course

Colin heard all about it, and the next thing you know, I was invited to teach and break down exactly how I was able to monetize my blogging skills so quickly. 

We recorded 10+ hours worth of content that I haven’t shared anywhere else. So yeah – that was pretty awesome.

Here is exactly what I cover:

  • Guest post outreach for monetization
  • The 3 different monetization methods
  • The exact emails you should be sending
  • Pricing 101 and predictable revenue
  • Contracts, Scaling, and Invoicing
Adam Enfroy: phase 11 me teaching

The Good, Unique, and Improvements

The Good

  • Valuable content and insights from people who really have “made it”. None of the guru bullshit of people who don’t pratice what they preach.
  • Gives you the foundations and principles to succeed.
  • 3 live Q&As every week from myself and the coaches. Self-explanatory. 
Adam Enfroy: Coaching live
  • The Blog Growth Engine Course Skool group. What group have you been in where you can get personal Loom videos given to you by coaches and members? We also have an all in 1 platform with classrooms and community in Skool. 
Adam Enfroy: my facebook post
Adam Enfroy: Skool interface student review
  • Unlimited access to updates to the course. Along with consistent tidbits on Skool.
Adam Enfroy: Coach nuggets

The Unique

  • Unlimited coaching calls. For transparency, I charge $500 USD per hour for my time now. People seeking me out for consulting pay me that much – including my clients. I open my calendar for 5 hours a week for people to spend 30 minutes asking me anything and picking my brain. You also have 2 other coaches, who are both all in on their own blogs. 
Adam Enfroy: Coaching call links screenshot
  • The link exchange slack group. This is HUGE. Imagine having hundreds of other members getting you opportunities for guest posts and links.
Adam Enfroy: Link exchange slack screenshot
  • A conversational approach to teaching that won’t bore you to tears .
Adam Enfroy: Course screenshot

What needs improvements

  • The course won’t handhold you through everything. We take you behind the scenes on how to execute certain things, but for the most part, setting up your site will be up to you.
  • It may not be groundbreaking for people who already understand the core fundamentals of SEO and blogging. There aren’t any fancy, advanced tactics (yet), but the course is continually iterating and adding more content to help those at every stage in their blog or SEO business.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

At the bare minimum, this is how much starting a blog will cost. 

Note: these are ALL the tools you’ll need to be able to rank on search engines. Seriously.

Costs to start a blog that ranks

  • Bluehost domain hosting (basic plan + domain):  $2.9/mo paid upfront ($35/yr) 
  • Ahrefs or Semrush: $99/mo+
  • SurferSEO (Basic): $59/mo 
  • Grammarly (free): $0/mo 

= $160.9/mo 

Now beyond this, there will be some fancier tools that you can use to help speed up the process. Here are some of my further recommendations:

Is Blog Growth Engine Worth it?

As of writing this, the blog growth engine cost is $3900. This cost has increased from $2999 over the past year.

The course is currently discounted at $1,497. And this is what you’ll get:

Adam Enfroy: Course price

This course is absolutely worth it for the ambitious self-starter who wants more from their life or existing business.

It’s great for people with little to no experience.

Now for anyone who has been doing SEO for years and already getting results with SEO, some of the things taught may not be groundbreaking, as mentioned before.

But for $1497, lifetime updates and access to 1:1 coaching to people like me.

It’d be hard not to make that money back over the next few months, provided you actually take action.

Especially when you get a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

No questions (only feedback) asked. 

It’s seriously 100% risk-free. We literally don’t want you if you don’t believe you can stick through with creating something for yourself. 

So if you’re ready to make that commitment to yourself today, watch the webinar or sign up today (yes, you are funding my Starbucks coffee and croissant addiction by clicking the affiliate link below ☕)!

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