5+ Best Cold Email Software for Outreach (2023)

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Cold emailing remains one of the most effective digital marketing strategies today.

That’s hardly surprising since email marketing gives the highest average of 3600% return on investment.

In other words, email marketing generates $36 for every dollar spent. 

Cold Email Software: Email revenue stats


That’s why email is the main means of generating leads for 89% of marketers. 

Cold Email Software: email statistics


In fact, billions of emails are sent every day, with a forecast projecting more than 347 billion business-related emails will be sent daily by the end of 2023. 

Cold Email Software: email traffic


But make no mistake, using cold emails for marketing can be tricky.

It has many parts, depending on what you aim to achieve with your cold email campaigns.

So, it has to be done right, and your emails have to stand out.

Hence, you need the right cold email marketing software

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about all the cold email tools you’ll ever need.

What is the best cold email software?

ToolFree plan/trial?Pricing (starts from)Email FinderVerify ListsAutomationWarm-UpSpecial Feature
Woodpecker$32/monthBounce Shield
Smartreach$19/monthTeam Collaboration
Saleshandy$7/monthWriting Assistant
Reply$60/monthSmart Suggestions

1. Woodpecker

Cold Email Software: Woodpecker homepage

Founded in 2015, Woodpecker is an automation and cold email software designed to help with lead generation, recruitment, and sales. It is currently in use by more than 13,000 professionals from close to a hundred countries worldwide.

Woodpecker’s cold email campaign features are one of the best you can find for a host of reasons. It helps you handle all aspects of cold emailing, from email list management to automation and analytics.

This cold email outreach tool starts working from your email list. It verifies all emails, so invalid email addresses do not waste your resources or skew analytics. Woodpecker also performs warming up to prevent spamming and protect your sender’s reputation. 

Cold Email Software: Woodpecker email verification

Even after sending cold emails, Woodpecker monitors the deliverability while performing the necessary actions to reduce the bounce rate. 

Cold Email Software: Woodpecker Deliverability Report

Other notable features

  • Through Woodpecker sales automation, you can combine the power of cold emailing with calls, SMS, and LinkedIn to manage customers and make more sales.
  • Setting up is straightforward and seamless, whether you’re onboarding or integrating tools like HubSpot, Zapier, Pipedrive, etc., that you already trust and use.
Cold Email Software: Woodpecker integrations
  • With its unique algorithm, you can set condition-based processes to ensure emails are sent to only those they should go to.
  • Measure and analyze your email outreach campaigns with A/B testing and reports that detail opens, clicks, and responses. 
Cold Email Software: Woodpecker AB testing


When you subscribe annually, Woodpecker pricing gives you two months for free at $32/month for 1,500 prospects or $40/month for unlimited prospects. However, you’d have to pay more if you want A/B testing, API keys, and integrations.

Cold Email Software: Woodpecker Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Woodpecker is a top cold email software that lets you send, track, and analyze cold emails. It’s feature-packed for everything you need and easy to operate with integrations and automation.  

2. SmartReach 

Cold Email Software: SmartReach

SmartReach is a powerful and comprehensive cold email platform that helps sales teams achieve targets necessary for achieving company growth. It is a popular tool that helps over 1,500 companies to manage cold email campaigns.

Cold Email Software: SmartReach Campaign Dashboard

Using its email finder and ProspectDaddy extension, this cold email outreach tool can serve the purpose of powerful prospecting tools to help any company build a list of prospects. You may also build lists by importing from a CRM tool or uploading a CSV file.  

Cold Email Software: SmartReach ProspectDaddy Extension

In addition, SmartReach automation helps you personalize emails while setting up emails and follow-ups based on the prospect’s journey.  

Cold Email Software: SmartReach Automation

Other features you can leverage include deliverability, validation, email warm-up, and reputation management through Warmuphero.

Other notable features

  • Get more from SmartReach when you sync with a wide range of CRM tools like Zapier, HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.
  • SmartReach lets you collaborate with team members so that you can seamlessly delegate more cold emailing activities. 
Cold Email Software: SmartReach Collaboration
  • SmartReach also tracks and reports every detail of your cold emails. That includes the clicked, read, replied, bounced, and unsubscribed recipients. 
Cold Email Software: SmartReach Reports


SmartReach pricing is grouped into Individual, Business, and Agency based on the services you need from the tool. The Individual and Business plans are divided further into three plans starting from $19/month and $79/month, while Agency lets you get custom services at a custom price. 

Cold Email Software: SmartReach Pricing

💬 The bottom line

SmartReach is an affordable yet powerful cold email software. It is effective for a number of cold email needs, including prospecting, verification, automation, and sender reputation management. SmartReach also offers a team collaboration feature with reports to track activities. 

3. Saleshandy

Cold Email Software: Saleshandy homepage

Saleshandy is a sophisticated tool built to ease the process of cold emailing for sales teams. It thrives on generating insights from the behavioral journeys of prospects to promote better sales processes and increase revenue.

To make that possible, it has a number of basic and advanced features for high deliverability, personalization, analytics, etc.

Saleshandy is capable of sourcing prospects and their contacts as well as helping you to integrate them into your database. To prevent spam messages, it also has a verification feature that helps to double-check. 

Cold Email Software: Saleshandy Prospecting

This cold email software lets you connect with each prospect through personalization, templates, and custom fields. And through its scheduling features, you can keep the conversation going with follow-ups. 

Since strategies have different conversion rates, A/B testing helps you monitor which approach works best or which template is worth sticking with. There is also analytics that reveals in-depth data on how prospects deal with your cold emails. 

Cold Email Software: Saleshandy reports

With data on how recipients open emails or click on the links within them, you can optimize your campaign and make better decisions. 

Other notable features

  • Interact more with prospects with personalized follow-ups and multi-stage sequencing based on their actions.
Cold Email Software: Saleshandy Multi-Stage Sequencing
  • Warm up your accounts easily and automatically when you connect with any email service provider. 
Cold Email Software: Saleshandy email warmup
  • Write better cold emails that are spam-free in real-time with the help of Saleshandy’s writing assistant. The Email Preheader lets you preview the content, while Email Health highlights things you can improve. 
Cold Email Software: Saleshandy Writing Assistant


Saleshandy is one of the most affordable cold email software, with pricing starting from just $7/month for the Starter plan. The Outreach plan is $25/month with an additional $60 for email verification. 

Cold Email Software: Saleshandy Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Automation, personalization, one-click integration, email deliverability, and A/B testing; Saleshandy offers it all. This tool is an all-in-one cold email software you’d enjoy, and the ai writing assistant is a special feature that helps to create the better email content. 

4. Reply 

Cold Email Software: Reply homepage

Reply is another all-in-one cold emailing software. At the core, this tool is a sales engagement and cold outreach platform that helps businesses get the most out of all channels. 

Like other tools on the list, it offers most of the features you need, including email finding, deliverability suite, analytics, as well as additional services like CRM integration and AI assistance.

You can start enjoying its services from prospect discovery. Reply will source for prospect contacts across different channels like LinkedIn and other data providers to update your list. You can also import manually or from a CRM tool. 

Cold Email Software: Reply Prospecting

All entries are validated to increase deliverability while maintaining the sender’s reputation. 

Cold Email Software: Reply - Email Validation

When connecting with your targets, Reply lets you combine channels like calls, SMS, email, LinkedIn, etc. There are templates to kickstart the process, a calendar function for planning schedules and meetings, and Vidyard for managing videos. 

Cold Email Software: Reply Multi-channel Messaging

Other notable features

  • Get more from Reply by integrating with CRM software like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Close, Zapier, etc.
  • Generate unique human-sounding email copies, bullets, and summaries, or improve existing ones through Reply’s AI Assistant using GPT-3. 
Cold Email Software: Reply Writing Assistant
  • Monitor progress through in-depth reporting and analytics to reveal campaign performance, team performance, and other specific tasks. 
Cold Email Software: Reply Email Analytics


When subscribing for Reply, you have to decide whether you want sales engagement, email search, or email warm-up, as each has its pricing. However, for the sales engagement, you can opt for the Starter plan at $60/month, Professional at $90/month, or Custom for up to four mailboxes. 

Cold Email Software: Reply Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Reply is an effective cold email and sales engagement platform. In addition to offering all the basics and expected advanced features, it also has a powerful writing assistant powered by GPt-3. Generally, you’d find the features pretty reliable and top-notch. 

5. Snov.io 

Cold Email Software: Snov.io Homepage

Snov.io is the perfect combination of sales engagement and customer relationship management. It is also easy to use and behind cold email campaigns for popular brands like Dropbox, Payoneer, Comcaast, Zendesk, DocuSign, and Canva, among others.

This cold email tool has email finder extensions for building lists of prospects. These extensions available for Google Chrome and LinkedIn Search can compile emails by domain, company, name, or by Boolean search.

With the emails of prospects, sales teams can launch cold email campaigns leveraging Snov.io’s personalization, automation, CRM, etc. It has a rich template library you can edit with a drag-and-drop builder.

There’s also control over your cold emails. You can choose a sender account, run A/B testing, or track analytics.

Other notable features

  • Whether individually or in bulk, Snov.io lets you verify email addresses and warm-up emails to save resources and boost your reputation.
  • Snov.io allows integration with more than 2,000 CRM, social media, and team collaboration tools.
  • Snov.io’s platform is also perfect for lead conversion as it combines tools to find and manage the relationship with prospects.


Snov.io has a wide range of pricing for different sizes of cold email campaigns. The lowest is $33/month and gives you 1,000 credits. You also save two-months payments if you opt for the annual subscription.

Cold Email Software: Snov.io Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Snov.io is a popular cold email platform that has helped big brands generate revue through its many personalizations and email automation features. It is pretty straightforward, powerful, and effective. 


Cold emailing, like cold calling, can be challenging for individuals and sales teams since you do not have a prior relationship with the recipients.

But with these cold email outreach tools, you can hopefully get all the help you need to put your sales outreach campaigns in a good position. 

These aren’t just email service providers; they will help you access custom email templates, send personalized emails, perform email tracking, schedule automated follow-ups, get detailed analytics, and every other thing you need for successful cold email outreach.

While you can’t go wrong with any cold email tool you pick from the list above, choosing the right cold email marketing software comes down to what services you require most.

So, go ahead and make your pick to set up personalized email campaigns today.

Good Luck!


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