Top 7+ Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2024

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Among the many online money-making opportunities, not many are as interesting and profitable as affiliate marketing.

I think the best part is there’s something for everyone, whether product owners or affiliate marketers. 

Even online influencers and bloggers who do not offer any product or service can earn by promoting for others.

As per OptinMonster, 15% of all online sales come from affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: 15% of Online Sales Statistics


Data from Statista also reveals that affiliate marketing spend in 2022 is due to reach 8.2 billion USD in the US alone. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: US Affiliate Marketing Spend


However, as affiliate marketing popularity grows, so does the need for top affiliate marketing tools to enhance effective management.

This guide will reveal the best affiliate marketing tools and how you can use them to improve your affiliate marketing business.

What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools? 

SoftwareFree Trial/PlanPricing (starts from)Main ServiceSupplementary Features
Voluum$19/monthAd TrackingAd Optimization and Automation
FlippaFree/$29*Domain MarketingBuying and Selling Domains


Financing Services

Semrush$100/monthSEOKeyword Research


Site Audit

Link Building

Content Creation and Distribution

Jasper AI$24/monthContent CreationAI Content Writing


50+ Templates

25+ Languages

Numerous Tones

Pretty Links$100/yearLink ManagementLink Shortener/Cloaker


Automatic Hyperlinking

QR Code Generator

Link Tracker

AAWP€49/yearAmazon Affiliate MarketingAutomatic Updates



Referral Tracking

Custom Templates and Styles

Google AnalyticsFreeConversion TrackingVisitor Interaction


Segmentation and Retargeting

Funnel Analysis

* Pricing has additional fees

1. Voluum (Best for Ad Tracking) 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Voluum Home Page

Often, your affiliate program may require that you run advertising campaigns on multiple platforms. Keeping track of these ads can be tedious unless you use ad tracking software. 

Voluum is my top recommendation for ad tracking because it helps you stay in command of all your affiliate campaigns from over 70 platforms. That includes Google Ads, Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing, among others.

The dashboard reveals essential metrics like ad impressions, clicks, visits, costs, and profits. It is also compatible with both direct and redirect tracking modes. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Voluum Tracking Modes

To help you exercise optimum control of your affiliate marketing strategy, Voluum offers a couple of effective traffic distribution features. The first is rule-based distribution, which lets you set conditions that determine how visitors are directed. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Voluum Traffic Distribution

There’s also the option to direct traffic to the best-performing offers using artificial intelligence. Real-time adjustments are made to ensure the data is always accurate. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Voluum AI Adjustments

Other notable features

  • Numerous templates to help you automatically set up marketing campaigns.
  • Stay on top of your affiliate marketing game with all-day notifications on mobile or desktop devices. Voluum supplies real-time reports with grouped data alongside valuable insights.
  • A/B test your landing pages to discover whether they perform up to expectations.
  • With the Anti-Fraud Kit, Voluum helps you to uncover suspicious activities, such as fraudulent clicks by bots. 
Affiliate Marketing Tools: Voluum Anti-Fraud Kit


Volume has two sets of pricing plans — one for individuals and the other for businesses. The individual pricing starts from $69/month, with other plans at $119 and $239 per month. Businesses also have three plans, presumably depending on their size, starting from $399/month.

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Voluum Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Voluum is a powerful and affordable affiliate tracking software. Not only does Voluum track all your campaigns from multiple affiliate networks on a single dashboard, it also offers several tools that help you build a successful online business through affiliate marketing.

2. Flippa (Best Domain Marketplace)

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Flippa Homepage

Flippa is not entirely an affiliate marketing tool but an online marketplace where you can bid for, buy, and sell domains. 

As an affiliate marketer, operating a website is one of the strategies that has proven successful. Building a successful affiliate site with the help of the best SEO tools may be all you need.

However, starting from scratch is time-consuming and stressful, and that’s where Flippa comes in. It lets you buy an existing domain in which some SEO work has already been put. Hence, you can get a website with a domain authority score and some groundwork.

When you get on the Flippa marketplace, you can select from the numerous listed websites or search for something specific.  

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Flippa Listings

The search function lets you enter a keyword and filter through options such as website type, asset type, revenue generation, industry, monthly users, authority, age, etc.

At the sight of an offering that piques your interest, you can open to find out more information about the website and offer. For instance, there are market insights, revenue, visits through Google Analytics, and traffic data from Semrush, among other key details. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Flippa Website Vewd and Visits

However, researching before buying a website is essential to prevent issues with Google algorithm updates. Run backlink audits and confirm that the affiliate site has been built using white-hat link-building methods. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Flippa Traffic Analysis

Other notable features

  • Flippa provides legal, broker, financing, escrow, and verification services to buyers and sellers.
  • Do you have a website type in mind but do not see any convincing offering from searching? You can request to get an alert when similar websites are available.
  • Get a free valuation of your website by entering key details.


Buying domains and affiliate sites on Flippa is completely free. But selling a website requires listing and success fees outlined on the pricing page. The lowest is $29, but it’s for asking prices lower than $10,000 and will attract a 10% success fee. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Flippa Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Flippa is an amazing website buying tool for affiliate marketers to take advantage of. It saves you from building a website from the ground up and lets you put it up for sale if you’re switching niches or find any reason to do so. 

3. Semrush (Best for SEO Research) 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Semrush Homepage

Semrush is a popular tool for different forms of organic and paid traffic generation, site audit, and content creation. In fact, it is my tool of choice to perform keyword research, website audit, and white hat link building.

To research keywords with Semrush, head to the Keyword Overview tab. When you enter the keyword you’re interested in, Semrush will reveal the search volume and intent, keyword difficulty, SERP features, CPC, etc. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Semrush Keyword Overview

You can also use the Keyword Magic Tool to generate variations or discover more opportunities using Keyword Gap. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Semrush Keyword Gap

Other notable features

  • Numerous content marketing tools, including Topic Research, Marketing Calendar, Post Tracking, and Content Audit. 
Affiliate Marketing Tools: Semrush Content Audit
  • Find backlinking opportunities with Backlink Analytics or assess the once you already have with Backlink Audit Tool.
Affiliate Marketing Tools: Semrush Link Audit Tool
  • Errors can hurt your chances, but with Semrush Site Audit, you can perform an entire site audit to detect and fix errors. 
Affiliate Marketing Tools: Semrush Site Audit


There is a free plan, a free trial, and three Semrush pricing plans. They include the pro plan at $99.95/month, the Guru plan at $191.62, and the Business plan at $374.75/month.

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Semrush Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Semrush should be your go-to ranking tool for keyword research, backlink options, and site audit. It’s a comprehensive tool with lots of helpful features and in-depth accurate information 

4. Jasper AI (Best Writing Assistant) 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Jasper AI Homepage

Jasper AI has gone through some rebranding in recent years (from Conversion AI to Jarvis AI), but it remains a powerful artificial intelligence content creator.

Affiliate marketing revolves around content creation. When you’re not creating product descriptions, you’re crafting an email, making social media posts, or long-form content to promote products. 

The good news is Jasper AI can do all that and more, making it one of the favorite affiliate marketing tools for many. 

Another interesting thing to note is that using Jasper AI is straightforward. You simply have to select from the over 50 templates. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Jasper AI Templates

Then, you either let Jasper AI do its thing or give it some prompts for context.

💡 You can get an in-depth Jasper AI review here or see me putting it to test here.

Other notable features

  • Through its GPT-3 technology, Jasper AI can generate content in several tones, whether you want to sound casual, friendly, or like Oprah. 
  • Jasper AI can also create starting or supporting texts, like topic ideas, headlines, outlines, meta descriptions, etc.
  • This tool is capable of creating content in more than 25 languages.


When opting for the annual pricing plan, you can get up to 20,000 words for just $24/month in the Starter plan or 50,000 for $49/month in the Boss Mode plan. You’d have to pay more for more words. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Jasper AI Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Jasper AI is a powerful AI marketing tool that can help affiliate marketers solve all their content creation challenges. It’s a pretty versatile tool that supports over 25 languages and more than 50 content types. 

5. Pretty Links (Best for Link Management) 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Pretty Links Homepage

Links are a big part of affiliate marketing, and managing them can be naturally challenging for obvious reasons. How many combinations of numbers, lowercase, and uppercase letters can you get your brain to commit to, right?

A link management tool and QR code generator like Pretty Links is always nice, especially when you consider the many ways it makes your links shareable. 

Pretty Links helps to optimize your affiliate links with all types of content, whether emails, videos, posts, or even podcasts and prints. For instance, if you add Pretty Links to your WordPress setup, it automatically finds where they can be included in your posts.

Rather than dropping the links as they are, Pretty Links shortens and converts them into a readable and memorable format.

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Pretty Links Dashboard

Other notable features

  • Multiple redirection methods, including permanent 301 redirects and temporary 302/307 redirects. 
Affiliate Marketing Tools: Pretty Links Redirection Methods
  • Track your links from anywhere with the pixel tracking option.
  • Post automatic links to selected social media pages.


You can use Pretty Links through any of its three pricing plans. Beginner affiliate marketers can start with only $99.50/year. Those who are a bit advanced can opt for the Marketer plan at $149.50/year, while the final plan at $199.50/year is suitable for larger affiliate businesses.

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Pretty Links Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Pretty Links is a complete tool for all parts of link management, from link shortening and cloaking to helping detect suitable locations for links. It also generates QR codes and tracks affiliate links. 

6. AAWP (Best for Amazon Affiliate Marketing) 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: AAWP Homepage

AAWP is short for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin. If you’re using WordPress sites for affiliate marketing on Amazon, you should invest in WordPress plugins and this one is the best you can find.

Amazon is a large website with challenges like price changes and location issues. It can be challenging and sometimes impossible to effectively track all that is going on, which is why you need an effective tool to help you make necessary automatic adjustments.

When any product information changes, AAWP will update them automatically. With its geotargeting feature, AAWP directs customers to their local stores while updating your affiliate link so you do not miss a referral. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: AAWP Multiple Srores Tracking

This WordPress plugin comes with numerous features that help you enjoy a smoother experience. They include comparison tables, product listings, widgets, product sorting, link shortener, and many more. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: AAWP Link Shortener

Other notable features

  • Custom designs with several templates and styles that correspond with your website without coding. 
Affiliate Marketing Tools: AAWP Custom Design
  • Customized text links, product boxes, and data fields to highlight your promoted products for visitors.
  • Click and event tracking through Google Analytics.
  • Translations into English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.


AAWP pricing has four plans starting from €49/year for the Personal plan. The Plus plan is €129/year, while Pro and Ultimate are €249/year and €399/year, respectively. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: AAWP Pricing

💬 The bottom line

AAWP is a unique tool for affiliate marketers using WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliate marketing. Many of its functions help you make automatic adjustments while featuring others to ease your affiliate marketing journey.  

7. Google Analytics (Best Free Tool) 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Google Analytics Homepage

There are not many free affiliate marketing tools, but in Google Analytics, you have the only free tool you need.

Google Analytics lets you track and understand different parts of your affiliate marketing program to aid optimization and lead generation. The dashboard details on how pages generate traffic plus how much time visitors spend on them. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools: Google Analytics Overview

Through Google Analytics Event tracking, you can monitor engagement to see users clicking on your affiliate link. From the Behavior menu, select Events and then Top Events. Click on Event Action to show how visitors interact with your website or their activities, like downloads, clicks, forms, etc.

Other notable features

  • You may also use segmentation to create a clearer view of data subsets and to assist with audience retargeting.
  • Unlock unlimited data through integration with many other tools.
  • Powerful funnel analysis with up-to-date data tracking. 

💬 The bottom line

Google Analytics is a free and powerful analytics tool that gives you comprehensive information about the biggest search engine without costing you anything. Its data is reliable and a great starting point for anyone with minimal or no budget. 


Affiliate marketing helps businesses make more sales by leveraging other people’s customers. It is also a goldmine for those with no product but a healthy following.

The first group brings the product, while the second supply customers. It’s a win-win.

It also must be said that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It still requires hard work and consistency. You still need to verify commissions, run keyword research, create content, track conversion, etc.

However, with these top affiliate marketing tools, you can delegate the challenging aspects, and affiliate marketing can be much more enjoyable. 

Don’t forget to start on familiar terrains when you start; it will help you stay focused. Thanks to the best affiliate marketing tools above, as you gain more experience,  you can explore other opportunities for more affiliate commissions. 

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✔️ Organic growth from $22,000 to $115,550 in 3 months.
✔️ Ranking #1 with 0 links.
✔️ Growing sites to 50+ DR. 

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