How And Why You Need AI Marketing (+ The Best Tools in 2023)

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Here’s the bottom line: if you’re not employing AI in your marketing, then you may as well say goodbye to your efforts today. 

And I’ll tell you why.

The world we live in today is more competitive, digitized, and fast-paced than it ever was.

The innovation of business technologies, particularly in artificial intelligence and automation, have shaped the entire business acumen at a global level.

These AI technologies have had a massive impact on marketing and businesses as well. According to a Semrush, 71.2% of marketers agree that AI, particularly chatbots, can enhance personalization to a great extent.

And this is where the term ‘AI marketing’ comes into the equation. 

To stay ahead of the game, marketing teams and businesses today need to know exactly how AI is being used in marketing and what the best tools are to help. 

Let’s dive in.

What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

First things first, let us begin with the basic definition of Artificial intelligence marketing. 

AI Marketing

AI marketing is a mechanism where AI-related technologies, concepts, tools, and methodologies are used to make better business decisions, enhance the customer journey, and eventually, increase ROI.

In a broader perspective, the role of AI Marketing is to understand the emotional, psychological and contextual components that drive consumer behavior. 

It enables you to improve your marketing strategy through a better understanding of your business data, customers and behaviors through various processes such as predictive and data analytics. 

Let’s break down some of the key elements of AI marketing.

(If that doesn’t interest you, read on to the next section on the 5 reasons why you should employ AI in your marketing).

Major Element of AI Marketing

AI marketing is largely based on the following components:

Automation Platforms

Chatbots are an example of how you can achieve effective automation in your marketing campaigns. 

If designed and implemented accurately, chatbots can provide data insights that can aid in making better short-term or long-term business decisions and achieve marketing goals.

One of the major reasons why automation plays a vital role is the fact that it helps bring in huge amounts of data within relatively less time and less effort.

Machine Learning (ML)

This is an AI concept that revolves around studying and analyzing human behavior, patterns, and actions based on past data that helps in forecasting better and more accurate outcomes.

From a marketing perspective, this becomes an integral part of today’s business environment where it can help your learn more about your customer buying trends even before they actually buy a product or a service.


Keeping into consideration the amount of data that can be collected from various digital outlets and platforms, it is imperative for you to understand the relevancy of this collected data. Irrelevant data will not only waste marketing resources but can also end up in inaccurate business decisions.

This is primarily why many businesses and marketers today use various marketing analytics tools and techniques to identify and categorize data according to their campaigns, product placement and business goals.

The elements of AI solutions

There are also some elements of AI solutions you should be aware of: Core AI Solutions, Application AI solutions, and Industry AI solutions.

AI Marketing generally falls under Application and Industry AI solutions.

3 elements of ai solutions

Why Should You Use AI Marketing?

As a business owner or a marketer, you might have wondered what the impact of implementing AI into your marketing strategy would have on your existing or new business.

The impact is huge!

A survey conducted among global marketers in 2020 reports that 41% of marketers witnessed revenue growth when AI and automation were used in marketing campaigns. 

The survey was primarily conducted to study business outcomes through the use of various AI mechanisms and tools.

Here are the other benefits from the survey findings:

Image Source:

From this survey, it was realized that AI techniques and automation bring in more than just one benefit to businesses worldwide. Revenue growth, personalized customer experience, reduction of overall time spent on data collection, accurate prediction of consumer behavior, and data analytics – all these elements were attributed to AI in marketing.

Here are some more reasons why you should leverage AI in marketing to be an integral tactic in the modern-day business environment:

1. It’ll Reduce Your Business Costs

AI marketing techniques can reduce your overall business costs to a huge extent. For instance, you do not have to pay high wages and overtime to your marketing teams anymore. Automation enables you to use various software, applications, and mechanisms that collect data in a relatively quick time and at fewer costs.

2. You’ll Reach A Larger Target Audience Outreach

AI marketing allows greater customer outreach as compared to traditional marketing techniques. According to a report, chatbots handled 85% of customer service conversations initiated over digital or online platforms.

This is a clear indicator of how AI marketing can benefit your customer outreach without having to add to your existing business costs.

3. It’ll Enable Better Decision-making

AI-powered tools enable business owners, marketers, and top-level management to make better business decisions that are based on the quality, quantity, and relevancy of data that they get.

When you know the way your product or service is being perceived, bought, or used by your customers, and all the relevant trends and insights that come with it, you will be better positioned to make necessary additions or subtractions to your existing or new products accordingly.

4. There’ll Be A Reduction of Errors

With the help of various AI concepts such as deep learning, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP), businesses can eliminate human intervention that would directly result in the elimination of human errors.

5. You’ll See Profit Maximization

The role of marketing teams and business owners is to study and analyze various customer trends, and design marketing campaigns that are in line with those trends to achieve business goals.

Since effective AI marketing can directly result in optimized customer analysis, marketing and advertising campaigns, sales strategies, etc., it will maximize business profits both in the short run and the long run.

Not only that, but insights into exiting customer data can help with retention strategies and lead to a 25-95% in profit. 

customer retention infographic

To Recap: 5 Benefits Of AI Marketing

1. It’ll Reduce Your Business Costs
2. You’ll Reach A Larger Target Audience Outreach
3. It’ll Enable Better Decision-making
4. There’ll Be A Reduction of Errors
5. You’ll See Profit Maximization

How to Effectively Use AI in Marketing

Now that you’re aware of the significance of AI in marketing, here are some ways how you can get the most out of it:

Predict Sales Trends

Based on what your customers have done in the past within a given scenario, you can predict what they will do in the future in similar circumstances. This is where AI marketing can give you an edge over your competitors in terms of product advertisement and promotion.

When you have sufficient data that helps you predict sales volume, assess product life cycle, stock inventory, and other sales-related elements, you are better positioned to use your resources without incurring monetary or non-monetary losses.

Automate Your Website Chat

If you have a website with a live chat button that enables your website visitor to talk to a real human being, well, you should consider chat automation if you haven’t already.

Yes, you can debate on the quality of conversation that an actual chat agent can provide compared to a chatbot – but guess what?

From a marketing perspective, your main focus should be on lead generation. If your chatbot can manage to capture a lead, you can always direct the rest of the conversation to your sales representative.

This ‘hybrid’ chat mechanism involving a chatbot and an actual sales representative will eventually give you more leads and increased sales, making it a no-brainer when it comes to your marketing strategy.

Customized Campaigns and Promotions

When did you actually read a generic sales or marketing email that landed in your inbox or spam folder? Well, you probably might not even remember, right?

The same is the case with your business emails or messages that you send to your new or existing customers.

Generic sales or marketing content will not help you earn your business. A survey conducted by Marketo found out that 78.6% of consumers said that ‘they only engage with a brand that uses coupons or other promotional offers if those offers are directly related to their previous interaction with that brand’.

AI marketing allows marketers to build customer profiles, study their interaction with the brand and then target them using personalized marketing content for better customer relationships and campaign results.

Impact of AI in Digital Marketing

With tech giants such as Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube adopting AI tools and techniques to assist in their marketing strategies, modern marketing has completely transformed in recent years.

For instance, YouTube recommends videos on what we have viewed in the past. Similarly, Amazon suggests products to its buyers based on their recent buying trends and searches. This ability and capacity to collect data, analyze and use it to greater effect have revolutionized digital marketing to a huge extent.

Moreover, artificial intelligence, market automation, big data, and other AI-driven techniques have played a huge role in digital marketing globally. According to Statista, here are what marketers suggest as the most effective digital marketing techniques used in 2020 worldwide:

Image Source:

Let us now have a look at some other effects AI has had on digital marketing:

Digital Ad Spend

According to a 2018 eMarketer report, it was estimated that global digital ad spend would cross $273.29 billion in that same year. This is a clear indication of how many opportunities and potential marketers have in digital advertising and promotions. Using effective AI marketing tools, they can identify the right market segments and the right customers to target.

AR/VR Technology

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality has gained popularity in recent years. Coca-Cola’s AR/VR technology combined with AI elements was a widely talked about marketing tactic that did bring a lot of positive results for the brand when it went for trial in a number of their bottling units.

Overlaid graphics were projected using glasses and headsets that allowed technicians to get information about the equipment that they were tasked to service. Real experts from remote locations were able to see and communicate with the technicians in real-time using this technology.

From a digital marketer’s perspective, such AI-powered technologies can create massive in-roads when interacting with customers from various regions, age groups, preferences, or any other geographical or demographical factors.

CRM Platforms

Digital marketers use various CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools that help them gather and analyze customer information based on certain factors.

Combining these CRM tools and software with the right AI technologies, data collection can be optimized and help marketing teams get accurate customer insights in order to create the most optimized marketing or sales strategies.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has remained one of the most commonly-used tools by digital marketing teams for years. Regardless of what email outreach or tools approach you use, AI can play a significant role as far as email personalization and customization is concerned.

When someone reads a personalized subject line, email body, and product recommendations that are relevant to their buying behavior, it will have a whole different impact on them.

Best AI Marketing Tools in 2021

Here are some of the most famous and effective AI tools that have been used in recent years that will assist in your AI marketing strategy:

Jarvis AI

Jarvis is an AI-powered copywriting tool that can help you create promotional materials from scratch, at scale, and with a human touch. It does so by writing engaging marketing copy once it understands the goals of your marketing campaigns and the needs of your target audiences.

It works by scanning over 500,000 pages of marketing text data to understand how people use words in context. This allows the tool to analyze the copy for grammatical mistakes and suggest more powerful words or phrases and is a great AI tool for marketers and content creators.

Here’s an introduction from Jarvis itself…

Smartly is an AI marketing tool for digital advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It uses AI technology to run paid ads on these platforms using AI algorithms, machine learning, and predictive analytics to create ads that give you the best conversion rates.


Used by hundreds and thousands of content creators all around the world, Grammarly is a proofreading tool that uses AI technology that not only fixes your spelling or grammar mistakes but also gives you accurate and meaningful recommendations based on your target audience, business model, and overall writing tone.


If you are part of a small organization with SEO-related challenges for your content, Kafkai can save your day with its AI-based content creation ability that will result in SEO-optimized content for your website.


Arimo is another AI marketing tool that has gained worldwide recognition for its ability to design effective marketing and sales campaigns for your business.

Using customer data and artificial intelligence technologies such as predictive analytics that are largely based on consumer behavior, Arimo helps predict your potential or existing customer’s buying trends and gives relevant product suggestions, identifies upselling or cross-selling opportunities, forecasts future product demand, etc.

Considered as one of the leading email marketing solutions, uses AI mechanisms that help you generate personalized emails and newsletters to your customers based on their interaction in terms of certain sections, products, or types of content on your digital outlet.

You can check out more here on the best AI marketing tools I use and recommend. 

My Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence marketing largely influences the way businesses to interact with their customers today. It is undoubtedly the next new standard when it comes to implementing any marketing strategy.

Relying solely on old-school marketing techniques might allow your competitors to have an advantage over your product, and eventually your business before you even know it.

To ensure you’re reaching the right audience at the right time, you need to use the right AI marketing tools and techniques too.

Good luck!

Jessica La

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