The 5 Best AI Story Generator Tools for Compelling Stories

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Stories have always been the perfect way to keep people engaged.

If delivered properly, it’s a powerful way to elicit different emotions from your audience. 

And it makes sense – since caveman days, people have communicated through storytelling simply because it elicits a very human response.

That’s why content writers are delivering more anecdotal accounts to appeal to their audience. And the numbers have also been super impressive.

Research says if you can tell a story that people love, 55% will likely buy your product soon, while 44% will spread your story to others.

AI Story Generator - Ads Stories Statistics


Also, 92% of users are interested in ads that feature stories, just as stories are 22 times more memorable than facts.

AI Story Generator - Stories Statistics


However, if you’ve tried writing stories a couple of times, you know how challenging it can be to come up with unique story ideas.

But thanks to AI story generators, telling stories is much easier now.

With the use of GPT-3 technology, there are several AI story generator tools that can help you craft good stories as part of blog posts or separately as a novel.

You also don’t have to worry about grammatical blunders, punctuation mistakes, or lack of content to write.

These aren’t just the best AI marketing tools; these are excellent AI story generators to engage your audience.

Below are the best-performing AI writers. Relax and enjoy the read!

What are the best ai story generator tools?

Here’s the high level breakdown before we go in-depth for each one.

Tool Pricing (starts from) Free plan/trial? Extra Feature Multiple Languages
Jasper $29/month Extensive integration for SEO, grammar check, etc.
Rytr $9/month Extensive tones and languages
Article forge $13/month Automatically adds images, links, videos, and titles $35/month Search engine optimization
Shortly AI $65/month Works well with prompts

Jasper AI

AI Story Generator - Jasper AI Homepage

Jasper AI was formerly known as Jarvis AI until Marvel raised concerns over the similarities in name.

If you’re familiar with my blog, you should know that Jasper is an AI writing tool I love and use. Although I already have an in-depth review of the features, it was impossible to ignore Jasper AI for this list. 

Apart from numerous content types like blog posts, product descriptions, and landing pages, this affordable AI story writing tool can also craft engaging stories through the Creative Story template.

AI Story Generator - Jasper AI Creative Story

After logging in, click on templates and select Creative Story. The interface is divided into two sections — the options for generating a story on the left and the content on the right. 

AI Story Generator - Jasper AI Creative Story Interface

This template lets you input the story plot and tone of voice. You will also specify how many inputs you want, and Jasper will generate a unique story. Here is an example I generated a while back.

AI Story Generator - Jasper AI Creative Story Example

If you want to get better content, you can employ the technique I suggested here, where I gave the AI writer starting prompts.

Other notable features:

  • Has over 50 templates useful for social media ads, YouTube, email subjects, product descriptions, etc.
  • Asides from writing new content, Jasper can help you improve existing content.
  • Jasper makes it possible to integrate many tools to improve your story writing.


Jasper AI pricing starts at $29/month for the Starter mode, while the Boss mode goes for $59/month. You can also get started with a free 10,000 word credit if you sign up below! 

AI Story Generator - Jasper AI Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Jasper AI is no anonymous within the AI marketing and writing space. This AI story generator is powerful and easy to use. Its contents are top-notch, and it has numerous features that can help you get the excellent story you want.


AI Story Generator - Rytr Homepage

Founded by Mr. Abhi Godara and recently launched in April 2021, Rytr is an AI story generator tool for fresh and interesting ideas.

The AI contents Rytr generates are suitable for blogs, landing pages, YouTube videos, social media posts and ads, emails, etc. Rytr also supports several tones and languages to deliver quality content. 

Its AI technology helps users generate stories by using language models to learn language rules, vocabulary skills, and sentence formation. 

That’s not all. Rytr, like Jasper (and many of the tools in this list) is supported by GPT-3 technology. GPT-3 AI is a deep learning language modeling for generating texts like humans.

The interface is divided into right and left sides, with the right as the editor and the left containing options for generating content. 

AI Story Generator - Rytr Story Interface

You should select the language, tone, and use case from the left-hand panel. 

AI Story Generator - Rytr Story Settings

Then, you need to input additional information depending on the chosen use case.

AI Story Generator - Rytr Key Points

Select how many variants you’d like and click on ‘Ryte for me’ to get your AI-generated content like the one below. 

AI Story Generator - Rytr Variants

Other notable features:

  • Clean and beginner-friendly website interface. 
  • Rytr supports up to 21 writing tones and over 29 languages, including Hindi, Bulgarian, Arabic, etc.
  • Rytr also offers over 30+ use cases, which is useful for different content types.


Rytr offers two paid pricing plans starting from $9/month. They also offer a free plan with all the above-stated features but limited characters of 5000 per month. 

AI Story Generator - Rytr Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Rytr is an excellent AI story generator that’s pretty straightforward. The affordability of this tool means it is perfect for those on a budget, but you may have to look elsewhere if you require more sophisticated story-writing tools.

Article Forge

AI Story Generator - Article Forge Homepage

Article Forge uses the complex deep understanding algorithm to create an interesting and engaging story just like humans. This is done by first researching the topic before automatically writing about it. 

You will be required to select a language and input keywords first before Article Forge starts its research. 

AI Story Generator - Article Forge Creating New Story

Then, the AI writer will help you add appropriate titles, images, videos, and links to your content if you enable the option.

AI Story Generator - Article Forge Options

Other notable features:

  • There is a post scheduler feature that publishes posts automatically at a set time.
  • Bulk generator feature to help you create multiple contents from multiple keywords.
  • This software also enables you to access six other languages like Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Article Forge allows integration with platforms like WordPress.


Article Forge’s pricing has a 5-day free plan alongside paid plans starting at $13/monthly for up to 40,000 words. Its other plans are Standard, which gives 250,000 words at $27/month, and Unlimited at $57/month. 

AI Story Generator - Article Forge Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Article Forge is quite affordable despite doing an excellent job. If you are looking to generate lots of short content on various topics with minimal SEO help, this will be a good fit. It is also wonderful for ensuring the correct outline and elements like images and videos.

AI Story Generator - Homepage

Created by Chris Lu and Paula Yacoubian in 2020, is writing software that uses machine algorithm learning and artificial intelligence to produce content.

This story writer will help you create good, catchy headlines, descriptions, and excellent content. The newest version of helps you stay organized through the Project feature, and the Tools on the left also help to access features you use more. 

AI Story Generator - New Project

Like many other AI story generators, it only needs a little nudge to get going. Click on New Project and input the title and description to continue. 

AI Story Generator - Title and Description

Advanced Settings lets you choose language and tone. 

AI Story Generator - Advanced Settings

After you create your content, there is a long form to arrange the content.

AI Story Generator - Arrange Story

Other notable features:

  • Workspaces and Projects functions to keep your work organized and clean.
  • is available in 20+ languages.
  • It can also create a wide range of content types.


The pricing of has a free plan that gives you 10 credits per month plus a lot of other features. Meanwhile, the Pro plan gives you much more at just $35 monthly. You can also get custom pricing if your needs are beyond the Pro plan.

AI Story Generator - Pricing

💬 The bottom line incorporates additional options that give you a more enjoyable experience. That’s in addition to the straightforward interface and excellent content generation. This is one AI story generation tool professionals and beginners will enjoy. 

Shortly AI

AI Story Generator - Shortly AI Homepage

Shortly AI was created by Quasim Munye in the year 2020 as a reading app before transitioning into the AI writing space. It was already an excellent tool at that time, but when it was acquired almost a year later by Jarvis Al, you know it was getting better.

This AI writer helps you create compelling stories in your preferred writing format. It can be programmed to produce unique content by allowing users to create a keyword list first.

It then uses these keywords to produce texts depending on the specified style and format. It can also enable users to provide their own words while expanding to create content.

Shortly AI has a small box in its interface where you add your article brief. The article brief makes the AI tool understand your content and perform the next line of action. 

AI Story Generator - Shortly AI Interface

To use Shortly AI, input the brief on the left that says ‘Article Brief.’ That will be a good place to insert your plot. Then, select how much you want it to write under ‘Article Length’ and click on ‘Write for Me.’

Shortly AI works best if you give it prompts or let it finish your thoughts. 

Other notable features:

  • This AI story generator has a powerful but simple interface.
  • Shortly AI uses AI-styled content assistant features to provide creative stories and content for its users.
  • It also uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 machine learning language model that has helped it learn words.
  • Slash commands (/commands) give you more ease and freedom to work with.


Shortly AI uses a different kind of pricing. There is only one plan with the option of paying in two ways. The monthly subscription is $79, but that reduces to $65 when paid annually.

AI Story Generator - Shortly AI Pricing

💬 The bottom line

One thing that makes Shortly AI stand out is its simplicity and efficiency. Shortly AI generates unique text in a short while and makes it suitable for various audiences.


How can I create my own story?

There are many ways to create your own story, and using plot generators can help you get through any writer’s block.

You’ll have to consider elements like the story line, genre, format (will it be a novel or short story?), and main and secondary characters.

Then if you get stuck, use a random plot generator or look up writing prompts for inspiration and story ideas.

Story ideas, writing prompts, and plot ideas can all be easily assisted with any of the AI story generators covered in the post

What is the best story generator?

The best story and plot generator will depend on your preferences. You may prefer one tool over another because of its features or pricing.

I recommend Jasper because of its all-encompassing features and ability to help me develop new ideas very quickly. I find that it is also the most flexible and reliable tool.

Ultimately, the best story generator is still the one that will work best for you.

Can I earn money by writing stories?

Yes, you can! There are many ways to make money writing and many ways to get your work out there.

You can start by submitting your work to writing contests or submitting it to literary magazines. You can also start a blog or website and sell your work directly to readers.

Finally, you can look into publishing deals with publishing houses.


Your content creation and story writing game is about to operate on an entirely new level with AI story writing tools to the rescue.

I realize that no matter how good you are as a content creator, using AI story generator tools helps get more tasks within a short period and with writer’s block.

With the recommendations above, you will be surprised at how much storytelling content you can write and publish within a short period.

For the overall best experience and highest quality content, I highly recommend Jasper AI. For a more budget friendly options, Rytr is also a good choice. 

However, if you want even more AI story generator tools, check out this AI writing software guide.

Good Luck!


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