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5+ Best Insurance CRM Software in 2022

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Following a brief decline during the coronavirus pandemic, the insurance industry has shown many signs of growth.

In 2020, it reached $6.1 trillion, but predictions say it will get as high as $7.5 trillion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.5%.

Insurance CRM: Insurance Industry Growth


In the midst of this competitive industry, your business needs to find ways to remain successful. 

And what better way to do that than ensuring and developing an effective customer relationship management program?

An excellent CRM lets you generate and capture leads, communicate with them, and provide solutions that simplify their everyday processes.

The best CRM software will assist agents and the insurance business, as a whole, to automate and customize operations, schedule appointments, generate reports, and get insights from AI.

So, in this guide, I present the best insurance CRM software and how each one can help you stand out.

What is the best insurance CRM software? 

Software Free Plan/ Trial Pricing Starts From Automation? Customization Analytics AI Mobile
Zoho CRM

1. Zoho CRM

Insurance CRM: Zoho CRM Homepage

Zoho CRM is a part of the powerful Zoho platform. It offers unique insurance CRM solutions with features that help insurance agents achieve business targets.

Thanks to an easy-to-use interface, valuable integrations, artificial intelligence, and excellent features for automation, personalization, analytics, etc., Zoho CRM is the best insurance CRM  to achieve customer satisfaction.

Through its omnichannel communication, you can engage customers every step of the way with channels they find convenient. 

Insurance CRM: Zoho CRM Omnichannel Communication

And your insurance brokers do not have to remain glued to their system throughout the sales outreach process because they can set up sales and marketing automation with Zoho CRM. Whether occasional events or everyday activities, you can automate and keep things running.

Insurance CRM: Zoho CRM Marketing Automation

Zoho CRM’s friendly interface means you can manage any type of insurance policy from the same dashboard. Not only does this keep things organized, but it also encourages faster resolutions when combined with the collaborative platform. 

Insurance CRM: Zoho CRM Sales Process

That means you can standardize the sales process for team members and assign claims faster.

Insurance CRM: Zoho CRM Team Assignment

Other notable features

  • Analytics from Zoho CRM ensures you get the important data, key metrics, charts, and KPIs to improve lead management.
Insurance CRM: Zoho CRM Analytics
  • Building customer relationships is key to business growth, and you can achieve this quickly through Zoho CRM contact management features.
Insurance CRM: Zoho CRM Contact Management
  • This insurance CRM software integrates with numerous industry-leading tools, including office suites, messaging apps, event and meeting schedulers, productivity tools, finance, and quote management software, etc.
  • Zoho mobile apps also make it easy to generate and nurture leads and customer relationship from anywhere.


Zoho CRM has a set of affordable pricing plans, especially when billed annually. The plans include Standard at $12/month, Professional at $20/month, Enterprise at $35/month, and Ultimate at $45/month. 

Insurance CRM: Zoho CRM Pricing

💬 The bottom line

The Zoho platform is popular for its reliable and easy-to-use features, and that’s reflected with Zoho CRM. It is a powerful insurance CRM solution with everything you need to ease the task for sales teams and perform excellent customer relationship management.

2. Freshsales

Insurance CRM: Freshsales Homepage

Freshsales is a customer relationship management and marketing automation software that’s a part of the Freshworks platform. 

While this software provider started as a customer service tool known as Freshdesk in 2010, Freshsales was launched in 2016 as a stand-alone CRM software. 

Freshsales allows insurance businesses to manage customer relationships thanks to its excellent automation, personalization, and a range of contextual communication management features.

This CRM for insurance lets you customize the experience for customers with personalized sales processes, multiple languages and currencies, custom fields, modules, and roles. 

Insurance CRM: Freshsales Sales Process

Insurance agents can get more activities done with email templates, web forms, automatic profile enrichment, etc. They can also get more done when they automate interactions and auto-assign rules. 

Insurance CRM: Freshsales Web Forms

Through multiple channels, such as email, phone, SMS, online chats, and Zoom video meetings, communication with customers has never been more seamless.

Other notable features

  • Get better collaboration through a Freshsales’ unified platform that gives your team detailed activities, summaries, and highlights.
  • Leverage artificial intelligence marketing with Freddy AI to sort sales forecasts and insights, lead generation, event suggestion, and deduplication, among others. 
Insurance CRM: Freshsales Freddy AI
  • Get in-depth standard and custom analytics and reports on different sales processes.  
Insurance CRM: Freshsales Reports
  • Do more on the go when you access multiple campaign activities on your smart devices.
  • Integrate other excellent tools like DocuSign, Zapier, Outlook, QuickBooks, etc., to get more functionality.


Freshales has a free-for-life plan, but it’s fairly limited in features. The paid pricing plans offer much more, and you can choose from the Growth plan at $15/month, the popular Pro plan at $39/month, or the Enterprise plan at $69/month. 

Insurance CRM: Freshsales Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Freshsales is an all-in-one CRM software perfect for your insurance business. That is due to its ideal combination of basic CRM features with advanced relationship management tools.

3. Keap

Insurance CRM: Keap Homepage

Keap claims to be a “powerful CRM,” and I can tell you it’s the truth. This software has tools for managing customer relationships, sales, and marketing, but that’s not all.

Its client management system allows your insurance business to automate sales and marketing, making processes easier for teams and giving customers better experiences. 

This will also help you set personalized messages to keep clients engaged and generate leads. 

Insurance CRM: Keap Personalization

You can automate even more through Keap’s automation and within the sales pipeline. From form submission to communication and meeting scheduling, you can manage every customer’s journey seamlessly and efficiently. 

Insurance CRM: Keap Sales and Marketing Pipeline

Scheduling appointments with customers can be tedious, but with Keap, you get to organize video meetings using Zoom and calendar tools.

Email marketing is also included, and Keap gives you templates, segmentation, A/B testing, etc., for a truly enriching experience.

Insurance CRM: Keap Templates

Other notable features

  • With Keap’s invoicing and payment processing, your company can take care of the eCommerce part of the business.
  • Discover important data through Keap’s in-depth analytics and reporting for sales, marketing, engagement, and revenue. 
Insurance CRM: Keap Analytics
  • Keep closing deals on the go with Keap’s Business Line, which gives you business phone numbers, business voicemails, and many more. 
  • Expand Keap’s capabilities with valuable integrations for scheduling, eCommerce, mail, reporting, lead generation, etc.


Keap is available for two pricing plans — the Pro plan that allows you to manage 1500 contacts at $129/month and the Max plan at $199/month for 2500 contacts.

Insurance CRM: Keap Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Keap is a feature-packed insurance CRM. It combines everyday and special tools to help any business maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

4. Zendesk

Insurance CRM: Zendesk Homepage

Zendesk is one of the most popular choices amongst businesses of all industries as it provides excellent and flexible software that improves customer relationship management in the long run. 

Zendesk’s flexibility helps it to scale with insurance companies, but what makes it even perfect are the various features built with this insurance CRM software.

For example, the messaging features combine automation and AI to deliver great conversational marketing through chats, text, voice messaging, social media, and bots. 

Insurance CRM: Zendesk Messaging

What’s more? It’s easy to make follow-ups since everything is available from a single workspace. You can track updates, set customizations, and so much more. 

Insurance CRM: Zendesk Workspace

There are also collaboration tools for agencies to stay in the loop and get more done without repetitions.

Other notable features

  • The Zendesk marketplace is home to themes and tools you can leverage for additional functionality.
  • Zendesk Sell is a sales CRM tool that boosts productivity and revenue through effective pipeline management.
  • Get insights and essential data to improve your B2B database as well as customer and business management through analytics and in-depth reports.


All Zendesk pricing plans come with a free trial, starting from the Suite Team plan at $49/month, the Suite Growth at $79/month, and Suite Professional at $99/month. 

Insurance CRM: Zendesk Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Zendesk is an excellent insurance CRM software with multiple tools that help agencies get closer to clients while delivering personalized services they enjoy.

5. AgencyBloc

Insurance CRM: AgencyBloc Homepage

If what you need is an excellent CRM system that caters specifically to life and health insurance agencies, then you should look no further than AgencyBloc.

This insurance CRM software is renowned for helping insurance agencies manage several aspects of customer relationships through automation, sales management, data management, etc. 

Insurance CRM: AgencyBloc Automation

It also has tools for mass communication and managing client and agent activities, policies, accounts, and email marketing campaigns. 

Insurance CRM: AgencyBloc Marketing Campaigns

You can also streamline processes and enhance productivity by automating tasks, email communication, alerts, etc. 

Insurance CRM: AgencyBloc Email Messaging

There are also tools for managing sales, including lead capture forms, visual workflows, analytics, and reporting. 

Insurance CRM: AgencyBloc Lead Capture Forms

Other notable features

  • Get in-depth custom reporting for more insights on essential data.
  • Get a head start with templates and report recipes to deliver up-to-date information.
  • Data management is effective with cloud storage and secure data migration.


As is largely visible on the pricing page, plans for AgencyBloc start at $70/month. They do not give much else away in terms of price ranges and the features for each one, but you can take advantage of the free trial to see what’s on offer. 

💬 The bottom line

In AgencyBloc, you have an insurance industry-specific CRM system that offers powerful solutions, such as sales automation, relationship management, custom reporting, etc., to boost your business to greater heights. 


Like many other business types, customers are a huge part of business in the insurance industry. That’s why they need powerful and intuitive CRM software to manage crucial aspects of customer relationships.

Insurance CRM software solutions can help insurance businesses with a wide range of everyday activities, like sales automation, customization, analytics, and reporting.

Using a unified CRM software for insurance agencies will also improve collaboration among and within teams. 

The software reviewed above are the best you can find for your insurance business. Apart from offering essential features, these tools combine user-friendly interfaces with affordable and flexible pricing plans. 

As always, selecting the software for your business should involve considerations around your needs and the tool’s offering, and the free trials can certainly help with decision-making. 

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