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11+ Best Desk Accessories for Productivity in 2022

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Do you travel every weekday to join your colleagues at the office, or are you one of those forced to work from home by the pandemic? 

Perhaps you’ve always had an online side hobby as a freelance writer, programmer, or professional gamer who does most of their jobs on a desk.

There is a huge likelihood that you value getting things done quickly and ensuring comfortability while on it. Achieving this requires that you personalize and upgrade your workstation, but the tons of desk accessories out there can be quite overwhelming.

But don’t get worked up just yet.

I’ve decided to gather a list of all the best desk accessories you could need for a productive and ergonomic desk. You’ll find in this article why I recommend it, the reasons they are great, and the benefits you stand to gain from them.

What makes a good Desk set up?

There are many things that make a good desk set up. Let’s go through them one by one. 

Natural Elements

The natural elements around your workstation are the most important factors to optimize for an ideal work environment. Start by making sure the room gets enough supply of fresh air. This is not only crucial for your health but also boosting your energy and mood.

Proper lighting, especially natural, must also be ensured because your mood and concentration depend on it. Loud sounds and noises can be distracting and should be kept as minimal as possible. A small plant or flower is also important to add some color, freshness and connect you to nature from your desk.

Object Elements

All the objects around you contribute to your productivity and comfort. For some, adjusting the desk to an appropriate height could make all the difference, while for others, it is a special chair or a footrest.

The gadgets you work with can also greatly impact this. For instance, there has been a debate of mechanical vs. membrane keyboards among enthusiasts, and the winner always comes down to which gives more productivity.

How do you prevent your neck from straining, and do you have any support for your wrists? These are some of the questions you need answers to, and making the rights adjustments could make a world of productive and ergonomic difference.

Human Element

While paying attention to the environment and items you work with, don’t forget that you also have a big role to play. Apart from making sure everything is in place, you must not forget to adjust to the situation, depending on the kind of job you do.

If your job requires that you spend long stretches of time on the desk, remember to insert breaks that allow you to stand up to stretch your body parts. Employ methods like shortcuts or voice commands to make your work faster, and don’t forget to exercise regularly.

What Are The Best Desk Accessories?

Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

 Price: $230

ergonomic mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are the latest trends, and that is thanks to the seamless performance they deliver. If you work with a computer, you need a keyboard that does not leave your hand or fingers tired in a little while.

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is an elite mechanical keyboard that gives you a unique experience every time. This is undoubtedly the best keyboard for programming, typing, gaming, or any other keyboard function.

It has high-level Cherry MX switches for precision and responsiveness, detachable wrist rest for comfort, programmable keys for versatility, adequately-spaced keycaps for ergonomics, wireless connectivity, strong material, RGB backlights, multimedia keys, and a host of other interesting features.

Even if you don’t go for this keyboard, there are plenty of other mechanical keyboards for you to choose from, making it a no-brainer for those wanting cute desk accessories without sacrificing functionality.

You can also check out some of these other keyboards here: 

Ergonomic Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3

Price: $100

ergonomic mouse

Who says your mouse needs only two buttons and a wheel? Logitech has taken mouse technology to a whole new level, and the MX Master 3 is one of the standout performers. Despite consisting of up to seven keys, this device has an ergonomic design that manages to look beautiful and professional.

As for performance, this gadget leaves nothing to chance. Its precision is top-level, and its potential is infinite. Other features include high-speed scrolling, wireless connectivity, durable materials, abundant customizations, and a lot more. It also has an ergonomically crafted shape, with parts designed to remain smooth to touch and press.

Headphones: Sony WH-1000XM4

Price: $350


This headphone probably needs very little introduction since it is coming from the stable of Sony. Released in 2020, the Sony WH-1000XM4 is a top-level noise-canceling headphone that succeeds the equally commendable WH-1000XM3.

This gadget keeps you focused during meetings, gameplays, and other sound-needing tasks by giving you excellent sound quality, noise cancellation technology, comfortability, long-lasting power, fast charging, and cool aesthetics.

And if you’re like me and have a partner sharing the same study as you with vastly different tastes in music – it’s a Godsend.

If you’d prefer a different brand, then the NCH 700 from Bose is not too far behind in terms of quality and performance.

Desk Pad: Grovemade Matte Desk Pad

Price: $60

desk pad

What’s a desk without a desk pad? No matter how many accessories you’re able to accommodate on your desk, what brings it all together cleanly is the desk pad. The Matte Desk Pad from Grovemade is a strong and beautiful desk accessory made from linoleum and laminated cork.

The surface is ideal for moving your mouse, while the 3.5mm thickness cushions your arms as you type or write. And in case you nod off, you’re still in good hands. The Matte Desk Pad is available in black and blue, but other pads in other colors from the same manufacturer exist.

It is also available in five sizes, depending on your desk size and how much of it you want to cover. If your desk ever feels or looks boring, you can trust this accessory to bring it to life.

High-Back Desk Chair: Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Price: $200


Anyone who spends long hours in front of a desk needs a comfortable high-back desk chair. The Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair is strong, highly adjustable, and comes loaded with many supportive features.

Its head support, backrest, and main sitting area are properly cushioned to eliminate neck or body pain from sitting for an extended time. I love that the headrest, armrest, and chair height can be adjusted for an average-height or slightly taller individual.

It also has adjustable armrests you can position to keep the arm straight towards the desk. The sweat that builds up on your back when you’re seated will be prevented with the Ticova’s breathable mesh backrest. This desk chair then finished up with a swiveled sitting area, a 140-degree recline, and wheels at the base.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat: Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat

Price: $99

floor mat

Sitting down can get tiring in no time, and thankfully, some office desks come with extendable legs. They allow you to work while standing, but standing also comes with its challenges, as you must have guessed. The Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat is specifically designed for use with standing desks.

Standing allows you more room for movement, and this floor mat helps you achieve this subconsciously without distractions. It also has features that prevent fatigue and lets you stand comfortably for long hours. Coming in four distinct colors (black, grey, blue, and purple), you can get a design that fits almost any office setting.

Wireless Charger: Anker PowerWave II Stand with Power Adapter

Price: $38

wireless charger

Wireless charging is one of the latest technologies, and the team at Anker has taken it to the next level with the PowerWave II. The chances are that you need your mobile device on the desk without the burden that comes with cables.

It has multiple charging modes up to the superfast charging 15W and is compatible with any Qi-enabled device. It lets you place your mobile phone horizontally or vertically and can come in handy when you need to operate the device, watch movies, or make a video.

Monitor Stand: Vivo Dual Desk Mount

Price: $44

monitor stand

Your sitting and standing postures are crucial to remaining comfortable, and experts advise you to set the screen directly in front of your eyes. This is not always possible except with accessories like the Vivo Dual Desk Mount that lets you connect and adjust your monitor screens appropriately.

Another amazing part of the dual desk mount is that it has spaces for two monitors in case you’re working with a double-monitor setup. That’s not all; it takes no space on the desk since it is connected to the edge. Made of strong aluminum, this is a strong gadget with joints for adjustments and space to fit up to 32 inches screens.

Laptop Stand: obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand

Price: $70

laptop stand

Similar to the Vivo Dual Desk Mount above, obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand is also an accessory that lets you adjust screen heights. However, this is an option built for laptops. It offers you the freedom to make as many adjustments as needed up to 21 inches and eliminates situations where you have to strain your neck.

This is also subject to other factors like table height and how tall you are. Despite occupying a space on the desk, its build still gives room for other gadgets since it is flat. This ergonomic desk accessory is sleek and sure to make your desk arrangement pleasing.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Gamma Ray

Price: $16

blue light glasses

Although research is still ongoing, there are early indications that the blue light from computers and other electronic screens can be linked to eye fatigue and poor sleep.

The Gamma Ray’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses has an amber tint that blocks blue light from getting to your eyes. The good thing about this accessory is that it gives room to as much light as you need to see clearly, unlike sunglasses.

Amber tints may affect colors slightly. Hence, photo editors, graphic designers, and anyone who deals with colors may prefer to avoid this, but they may also not notice any change.

Note-Taking Tablets: Apple iPad Pro

Price: $1000


There are so many activities that need to get done that we lose track of some of them. The easy way out is to take notes, and one accessory that has revolutionized how we do this is the Apple iPad. The iPad Pro is one of the latest in its rich library of releases and our top recommendation for many reasons.

Equipped with interesting technologies like the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, you can take note-taking to a whole new level. This device assists you with precision and intuition. And that is in addition to other life-enriching features like privacy, accessibility, and dependability.

If you would like similar results but prefer to spend a lot less, I’d suggest the Rocketbook Core Dot Grid. This less-sophisticated option has reusable pages and can be connected to different devices.


What are good desk accessories?

Anything that enhances your performance makes you comfortable or saves your desk space can be classified as a good desk accessory. This can range from different types of desk organizers such as letter trays, binder clips, paper clips, and pencil cups to Softwares such as a screen reader.

However for those that really make the difference in productivity and ergonomics, you’ll definitely want to ensure you have a good chair, desk pads or mat, stands, chargers such as the ones in this list. If you do not know the one to pick, the top options I’ve highlighted above are a good place to begin.

How do I stay comfortable at my desk job?

Staying comfortable at your desk job is a function of different elements. A ventilated environment, good lighting, absence of noise, and comfortable seats are some of the non-negotiables if you truly desire to remain productive throughout the days at the office. Others include accessories, some of which have been mentioned above.

What should I put on my desk setup?

Setting up your desk can be quite tricky, especially if it is too small for all the objects you use daily. The key is to arrange the desk, bringing only the items you use more frequently closer to you. You can use stands to include more items while excluding the ones you hardly use.

What is the best way to sit at a desk all day?

While sitting is generally comfortable, having to do so all day can be tiring. The way out is to maintain a comfortable sitting posture and invest in furniture that makes this easy. Ensure your back, shoulder, wrists, knees, and feet are rested properly, and put screens at eye level.

To Wrap Up

There are numerous types of desk accessories you can incorporate into your workstation. 

Along with ensuring you’re managing your schedule, most of them will likely increase your productivity in a way, but that is not all you should be concerned about. It is also essential that you factor in ergonomics, especially when you intend to spend long hours on the desk.

Above, I have listed a wide range of accessories from various groups guaranteed to make you work more efficiently. Each of them is the best from its category and offers versatility, comfortability, and efficiency.

Whether you type, program, play games, or carry out other desk activities, you can count on these accessories to make your day a whole lot more fun while leaving you active afterward.

Good Luck!

Jessica La

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