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5+ Best B2B Database Providers to Boost Your Sales Pipeline (2023)

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Investing in data is a no-brainer for B2B organizations.

The right kind of data will enrich the database and assist marketing and sales teams with prospecting, inbound lead generation and qualification, outreach, and sales pipeline management, among others.

As more organizations recognize the importance, we can expect to see many key into the trend.

In fact, there are already indications of this, according to research. 

B2B Database: Statistics by Gartner


To remain relevant and effective, your B2B company must invest in accurate and updated data.

And without it, you’re likely sending a sizable portion of your budget down the drain.

However, getting accurate data is challenging and time-consuming, which is why you should invest in the right data provider. 

Don’t know which database software to use? Below, you’d find a list of the best B2B database tools and how each can improve your business operations. 

What is the Best B2B Database Software? 

Software Free Trial Basic Pricing Firmographic Data Demographic Data Technographic Data Intent Data
LinkedIn Sales Navigator

1. Zoominfo (Overall Best)

B2B Database: ZoomInfo Homepage

Founded in 2007, Zoominfo has grown into a leading B2B data provider company. 

The software company recently merged with DiscoverOrg, and both B2B data providers formed a robust platform that will give sales and marketing professionals the necessary edge to ensure accurate data collection and beat the competition.

It operates a multi-platform system, and the B2B database is robust with in-depth contact and company data. These make Zoominfo an excellent software for B2B sales and marketing campaigns.

In addition, Zoominfo supplies sales teams and other company departments with important basic details that boost a B2B company database. 

B2B Database: Zoominfo Demographic and Firmographic Data

This B2B database software is also a reliable source for demographic, firmographic, and technographic data.

Meanwhile, through intent data, Zoominfo helps to determine which buyer is interested in your product. It monitors a huge database to read and analyze patterns that may benefit your business. 

B2B Database: Zoominfo Data Enrichment

Other notable features

  • Utilize data smartly through automation. Whether you run outreach marketing or utilize data for other marketing efforts, automation from Zoominfo lets you set data in motion even when you’re not there. 
B2B Database: Zoominfo workflow automation
  • Discover more data from tools. Zoominfo is a wonderful technographic data source, drawing information from tools and how your prospects use them.
B2B Database: Zoominfo technographic data
  • Leverage website visitors to make more sales. Zoominfo puts your website to work by locating potential customers that visit your site. It also supplies key data to reach decision-makers, so you do not miss any lead.
  • Do more from anywhere with integrations. Through its API and cloud data storage, Zoominfo integrates easily into your existing tech stack so you can do more without missing out on any data.


Zoominfo’s pricing is custom depending on your B2B data needs. You can get pricing information when you submit your business email through the pricing page.

💬 The bottom line

Zoominfo is a huge B2B data provider that helps businesses extract useful information from multiple sources. Its features are easy to use, and when you combine these with the marketing intelligence platforms, you have unlimited data for important business interactions.

2. UpLead 

B2B Database: UpLead homepage

UpLead is a B2B database software focusing on data accuracy. Having had experience prospecting for B2B businesses, the founder of Uplead started the company not just to collect data but to ensure high-quality data and specificity to each client.

Today, Uplead is one of the biggest external data providers, with over 90 million contacts from over 14 million companies worldwide. 

B2B Database: UpLead contact data

Boasting at least 95% data accuracy, you can prospect and sell more effectively with rich, in-depth data on all your leads. There are numerous contact data points, including their company, email, phone number, and social media links. 

B2B Database: UpLead contact data enrichment

It even gets better since you can also get company data, including the contact links, number of employees, industry, website, etc. 

B2B Database: UpLead firmographic data

The technology search feature is my favorite. It lets you collect data for your sales intelligence platform using technologies as a filter. For instance, including Slack or HubSpot in the search filters reveals which company uses these technologies.  

B2B Database: UpLead advanced search functions

Apart from helping you search faster, this feature is great for peeping into a competitor’s tech stack or discovering companies needing your service. 

B2B Database: UpLead technographic data

Other notable features

  • Locate interested customers quickly. With Intent Data from UpLead, you have all you need to discover those who seek the specific solutions you offer. This eliminates the guesswork and connects you directly to customers.
B2B Database: UpLead intent data
  • Find and verify emails using multiple techniques. UpLead helps you unlock bulk email addresses of prospects using their company or URLs. Its continuous email verification also ensures you get valid data every time.
B2B Database: UpLead contact verification
  • Prospect leads with B2B data and search filters. UpLead’s advanced search options let your sales team target and qualify prospects easily. With filters like industry, job title, revenue, location, etc., you can find exactly the data you need.
B2B Database: UpLead for prospecting


UpLead uses a credit system for pricing, which sees each contact requiring one credit to unlock the details or export them. There’s a free trial that gives you five credits, and with the smallest plan, you can get over 2,000 credits annually at $74/month.

B2B Database: UpLead pricing

💬 The bottom line

UpLead is an excellent source of reliable data while making it super easy to locate what you need. It features numerous data points, search filters, features, and high-quality data for all B2B needs, whether prospecting or account-based marketing. 

3. Clearbit

B2B Database: Clearbit homepage

Clearbit is another excellent B2B data provider. Founded in 2015 by a group of passionate individuals, it is currently used by more than 400,000 entities who enjoy its huge wealth of contact databases.

Like the best outreach marketing tools, this tool and its data are great for achieving successful sales outreach campaigns across multiple stages. Therefore, if your goal is to triple sales pipeline effectiveness or acquire the exact data your sales team needs, Clearbit is the tool.

The platform works by letting you connect your customer management, automation, or in-house database. Clearbit unlocks essential datasets, combines them with its rich database, and provides customized solutions for your customer and teams. 

B2B Database: Clearbit website connection

Its system helps you maintain up-to-date data comprising intent, technographic, and firmographic data. 

B2B Database: Clearbit contact data

From there, you can identify, activate, segment, and manage data depending on what your marketing teams need. 

B2B database: Clearbit contact data management

Other notable features

  • Maintain an accurate and updated database. Through its data enrichment platform, Clearbit helps your business ensure correct records at all times. It fixes inaccurate data automatically and fills incomplete ones across your database.
B2B database: Clearbit data enrichment
  • Follow your customers every step of the way. Clearbit’s Reveal platforms help to uncover leads among website visitors. You will understand their journey and get alerts when they get on your company website.
B2B database: Clearbit Reveal for prospecting
  • B2B ad-targeting at its best. Clearbit also assists your marketing with quality targeting. Specify your target audience, and it will do the rest.
B2B database: Clearbit ad-targeting
  • Get more from your tech stack with integrations. Clearbit lets you combine the power of multiple tools through integrations so you can do more.


Clearbit offers customized pricing based on the services and data volume you need. Input your email address and business information on the pricing page to receive a custom demo. 

💬 The bottom line

Clearbit stands out easily not only as a rich B2B data provider but also as one which helps you put your data to excellent use. It is particularly perfect for your sales team due to its numerous marketing, sales, and ad-targeting features.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

B2B database: LinkedIn Sales Navigator homepage

From the stable of one of the biggest professional social networks comes LinkedIn Sales Navigator, an excellent offering from its Sales Solutions suite.

Most prospecting tools do an excellent job for a B2B database, and it’s no surprise that this is at the top of my recommendations for prospecting. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is an excellent repository of B2B data, and it can benefit B2B businesses abundantly.

It offers accurate firmographic and demographic data with relevant suggestions and advanced search options to locate the exact information you need. 

B2B database: LinkedIn Sales Navigator search filters

It also gives you more freedom to add applicable data at different stages.

Other notable features

  • Quick one-click CRM integration. Get the data you need where you need them with quick integrations. You can also integrate with advanced options like Salesforce, SNAP, Outlook, etc.
  • Maintain up-to-date records with real-time updates. With this tool, you can guarantee accurate records every time. So, whether they’re changing jobs or roles, your database will be updated with each change.
  • Many other advanced options. Linkedin Sales Navigator also lets you use advanced administrative, reporting, and enterprise tools.


There are three pricing types available with this B2B data software. The Core Plan costs only $79.99/month, but the Advanced and Advanced Plus plans offer additional features for those seeking more. 

B2B database: LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing

💬 The bottom line

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a robust source of B2B data. Its features make it perfect for prospecting, lead generation, and other data needs. 


B2B database: home page is a top-drawer B2B data provider with billions of company and contact data.

This software works by helping you create a sales pipeline consisting of your ideal targets from individuals and companies. To make that possible, it employs a host of powerful features, filters, automation, and artificial intelligence.

B2B database: contact data

This software lets you connect with customers while verifying their data to keep you in the know.

Other notable features

  • Data enrichment keeps the database up-to-date. With, outdated and inaccurate data are automatically updated.
B2B database: data enrichment
  • Automations to help you do more. You can also put your database on auto-pilot with Automate sales and lead generation for greater returns.
B2B database: automation
  • Integrations with essential CRM tools. To help with better data management, integrates with numerous CRM, marketing, and recruitment tools.

Pricing also uses a credit-based system, and you can test its capabilities with the free trial, which gives you 50 credits. Main pricing options include Basic at $147/month as well as Pro and Enterprise, whose prices you can get by contacting the sales team.

B2B database: pricing

💬 The bottom line is a B2B data provider that lets you operate with ease. The platform is easy to use, and its database is huge. There are also several features that make the process enjoyable.


With better data quality comes more streamlined processes, increased productivity, better service delivery, increased company revenue, and many other benefits for organizations and entire sales teams. 

The tools mentioned above have the biggest B2B databases for you to leverage. They can also help you get more from existing data sources like company websites, CRM databases, etc.

From Zoominfo, UpLead, Clearbit, and to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you have data for all business and marketing operations.

However, you should consider your industry and data needs before fully committing to anyone.

Once you’ve selected the perfect fit, you can improve activities and serve customers better.

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Good Luck!

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