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5+ Best AI Trading Software to Launch Your Stock Market Wins

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Stock market trading can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor.

From studying historical data, learning stock trading rules, and developing trading strategies, to spending a lot of time on technical analysis, the process can take a real toll on beginners.

So, if you really want to trade stocks, you may have to consider doing it smartly.

A great option for beginners is using an AI stock trading software, which, of course, it’s not without its flaws, but it’s still a lot easier. But when used diligently, they’re a sure method for bringing you significant wins in the stock market.

A study by JPMorgan states that more than 60% of trades that exceeded $10 million were through algorithms. 

It also states that the relationship between the trading market and algorithms is expected to grow by $4 billion by 2024. 

AI Trading Software - AI Trading Statistics


These do not only show how much AI has come within the trading space but also how high a growth we can expect.

There may not be many AI stock trading bots out there compared to chatbot companies or AI story generators. But there are enough options to help you get through financial markets.

Below are the seven best trading software powered by AI to improve your stock trading opportunities.

Tool Pricing (starts from) Free plan/trial? Backtesting Automated Trading Bot Mobile App
Trade Ideas
Trend Spider

1. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is arguably the most popular and leading AI trading software out there. It’s completely cloud-based and has helped day traders trade stocks since 2003. While it features a lot of valuable content for traders, its AI — Holly — is one of the most powerful.

Trade Ideas has everything you may need to get huge profits from financial markets. They include a trend prediction engine capable of offering trading signals, trading patterns, AI trading strategies, backtesting techniques, regular alerts, etc.

AI Trading Software - Trade Ideas Software

Holly scans and analyzes stock markets to locate opportunities for traders. It allocates a score to all options based on details, such as winning rate, status, profit, timing, etc. The highest scoring trades are reviewed and then implemented. 

AI Trading Software - Trade Ideas Holly
AI Trading Software - Trade Ideas Holly's Process

To get Holly, locate the Channel Bar under the Trade Ideas AI section. 

AI Trading Software - Trade Ideas Get Holly

For automated trading, you need to check the Brokerage Plus Module and open the Holly AI Tab within it. 

AI Trading Software - Trade Ideas Automated Trading

Other notable features:

  • Trading with fun. Real-time Stock Racing is a feature that makes it easy for beginners to understand important trading data. They also have simulated trading, which helps you get ready for the main thing. 
AI Trading Software - Trade Ideas Stock Racing
  • Valuable alerts to keep you in the loop. Trade Ideas also delivers unique opportunities to you every week. While this comes with an additional $17/month subscription, it is worth more and can be all you need.
AI Trading Software - Trade Ideas Alerts
  • Availability on multiple platforms. Trade Ideas has a functional application for Windows users, and others can use the web version.


The smallest pricing plan — Standard — goes for $84/month and allows up to ten simultaneous charts. Unlike the Premium plan at $167/month, Standard does not give access to AI trading analysts, entry and exit signals, and risk assessment.  

AI Trading Software - Trade Ideas Pricing

💬 The bottom line:

Trade Ideas is an excellent AI stock trading software that will put you on the front foot while saving you time and money. It is a perfect option for beginners and experts to take full advantage of an automated trading system. 

2. Tickeron 

AI Trading Software - Tickeron Homepage

Tickeron is another trading software that harnesses the power of AI to deliver excellent trading opportunities. It operates a unique method of giving you valuable recommendations while allowing you to decide. 

You can search for viable patterns using its Real Time Patterns (RTP) feature. This is effective for locating stock and ETF prices (entry and exit) in minutes. 

The process is by choosing a pattern and adjusting your search requirements for the search engine. You may select a search within 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or a day. You can also choose your preferred confidence level. 

AI Trading Software - Tickeron Search

The engine then displays patterns within your feed. You can check each one for all sorts of details, including the success rate they’ve had in the past. It also indicates the predicted prices, assurance level, breakout prices, etc. It also backtests the pattern and allows you to bookmark any pattern you want to continue tracking. 

Other notable features:

Easy trend prediction and analysis. This strategy is one of the most straightforward and profitable. It lets you bet on whether a trend will continue or not. Thankfully, Tickeron’s prediction engine is pretty handy for this purpose. 

AI Trading Software - Tickeron Trend Analysis
  • Test your strategies without losing money. With Tickeron’s Paper Trades, you can make trades without investing money. This lets you evaluate and finetune strategies easily.
AI Trading Software - Tickeron Paper Trades
  • Numerous AI trading Robots. Tickeron boasts of several stock trading robots supported by over a hundred algorithms. They work perfectly for beginners, and you do not need coding knowledge.
AI Trading Software - Tickeron AI Robots


Tickeron’s pricing is quite complicated, but it has its advantages. It is divided into four groups, depending on what you need. Swing Trader, Day Trader, Investor, and Advisor have different prices, with the lowest being $60. The upside is you can add or remove features and pay for only what you need. 

AI Trading Software - Tickeron Pricing

💬 The bottom line:

Tickeron is one of my favorites. It is another excellent automated trading software that is relatively easy to use and supplies really valuable information to help you trade. 

3. Trend Spider

AI Trading Software - TrendSpider Homepage

Founded in 2016 by a group of former traders, Trend Spider is an artificial intelligence trading software that helps traders find consistently profitable trades. It is a comprehensive and customizable platform that presents trading opportunities through technical analysis.

Unlike Trade Ideas, Trend Spider does not necessarily offer direct stock trading. Instead, this AI software provides all the tools to make your trading smooth. 

Trend Spider monitors and analyzes data from millions of online sources, including social media. It also follows the global economy, investment opportunities, and market news. Then, its artificial intelligence and machine learning will lay it all out for you so you have a smooth decision-making process.

AI Trading Software - TrendSpider Tour

Other notable features:

  • Test your strategies to see which works. Trend Spider’s Strategy Tester improves your strategies by pitching them against massive historical data.
AI Trading Software - TrendSpider Backtesting
  • Smart and helpful charts. This AI trading software lets you take advantage of powerful charts. Smart Charts gives you comprehensive and automated technical analysis information, while Raindrop Charts gives the best volume and price combinations.
AI Trading Software - TrendSpider Raindrop Charts
  • Company-specific analysis. Trend Spider lets you search company names to reveal their profile, competitors, mergers, acquisition, and other relevant information. You may also set notifications on any company.


Like most tools, Trend Spider pricing is cheaper when paid for annually. There are three plans, starting at $24.75/month for Premium. Elite is $48.75/month, and Advanced costs $72.75/month.

AI Trading Software - TrendSpider Pricing

💬 The bottom line:

If you ever need a platform for all trading information, you may want to check this out. This is another fantastic AI trading software that is more tailored toward swing trading and forex traders. It packs some really interesting features that rival the very best.

4. BlackBoxStocks

AI Trading Software - BlackBoxStocks Homepage

BlackBoxStocks helps you make intelligent and real-time trading decisions. Created by former Goldman Sachs employees, BlackBoxStocks incorporates artificial intelligence, financial technologies, and a social media-styled platform where novice and professional traders interact.

The platform operates by scanning the market through its “predictive technology” for active trades. BlackBoxStocks scans as many options as 900,000 per second on the NYSE, NASDAQ, CBOE, and other markets.

It alerts users in time for them to assess the symbol to make a decision. BlackBoxStocks assist traders with tools and indicators so they recognize the risks and profits. Social media platforms help traders get more insights and perspectives from other traders.

Other notable features:

  • Free trading classes. Don’t worry if you’re a new trader. BlackBox offers members free boot camps twice every week, where they can learn more about trading basics. Other classes are organized from time to time to treat the advanced parts. 
AI Trading Software - BlackBoxStocks Trading Classes
  • Pre-market and post-market scanners. This trading software posts performance before and after markets for insights into future activities. There are other scanners, like the volume ratio scanner, which displays the most significant volume increases compared to a couple of days before.
AI Trading Software - BlackBoxStocks Market Scanner
  • Mobile app for trading on the go. BlackBoxStocks has a mobile application that offers the same features as the desktop platform. This lets you trade from anywhere without missing out on anything.


You will BlackBoxStocks pricing when you fill out the form on the website. You can get the first month for only $30, with subsequent months at $99.97. However, you can pay only $80/month with annual billing.

AI Trading Software - BlackBoxStocks Pricing

💬 The bottom line:

BlackBoxStocks is a unique stock trading software that keeps active to bring you frequent trading opportunities. It continually posts automatic alerts that you can explore in real-time. It’s also beginner and user-friendly with an easy-to-use platform and continuous education. 

5. EquBot

AI Trading Software - Equbot Homepage

EquBot is an AI stock trading software created in conjunction with IBM Watson. Its platform makes it easy for investors and traders to make easier decisions through a model known as Portfolio as a Service (PaaS).

This stock trading software employs machine learning to evaluate data from millions of market conditions, stock market data, web sources, alternative sources, and news articles. It does this every day to help many traders get information on viable stock trades.

With Equbot, you can design trading portfolios of thematics, asset classes, ESG, etc., based on your investment preferences. It also allows you to trade on stocks, assets, indexes, ETFs, commodities, and inflation securities from thousands of companies.

  • Portfolio and strategy backtesting. Like most of the best AI trading software, this feature gauges the effectiveness of your trading strategy. Equbot lets you test with over 15 years of data so you can make better decisions and get better outcomes.
  • Mitigate risks automatically. This AI software has a risk mitigation solution that identifies risks as a result of changing market patterns, and it does this for multiple assets.
  • Get more from alternative customer data. Equbot’s platform can incorporate alternative data into investment strategies and insights after an in-depth analysis of their performance.


Equbot does not have pricing plans like most AI trading software. Instead, they have shares on offer through ETF funds. You may access these through the website or brokerage accounts. 

💬 The bottom line:

Equbot’s Portfolio as a Service helps traders get custom solutions by leveraging its vast data set. It uses AI to convert data to insights you can use for stocks, indexes, ETSs, and ESG. 


Artificial intelligence is quickly influencing several industries. That’s why we have AI video enhancers, AI video generators, AI art generators, and other tools like chatbots that use AI technology.

An AI-automated trading system can do you a world of good if used correctly. It gives you the opportunity to automate stock trading, options, crypto asset trading, and the foreign exchange market to get wins even while you sleep.

The software mentioned above are the leading AI trading software for beginners and experts to try out. Each one has a distinct style, and that makes a healthy list for all traders.

Good Luck!


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